Boating in Pondicherry
Boating in Pondicherry
Boating in Pondicherry
Boating in Pondicherry
Boating in Pondicherry
Boating in Pondicherry
Boating in Pondicherry
Boating in Pondicherry

Boating in Pondicherry

★★★★ 4.7

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Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

What will you experience


2 Hours of Boating


Certified Instructor


High Quality Safety Equipment


Enjoy Fishing


Witness the Wildlife Species

About the Activity

Jetty PointUppalam Expo Ground Pondicherry
Sunrise Ride05:30 AM to 07:00 AM
Morning Ride09:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Afternoon Ride12:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Sunset Ride03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
No. of Seats60-Seater Boat
Arrival at Jetty Location30 Mins before Ride Time

About Pondicherry:

  • Experience Pondicherry's charm from a new angle through captivating sea cruises departing from Uppalam Expo Ground. Witness stunning sunrises and sunsets, capturing the city's beauty in a 3-hour journey.
  • With affordable prices, these rides offer a memorable family experience. Don't miss the chance to explore the coastal wonders of Pondicherry.

About Boating in Pondicherry:

  • Embark on an enchanting adventure with a mesmerizing Boating experience in Pondicherry. As you step foot at the Uppalam Expo Ground.
  • The anticipation builds as you board the Boat, a vessel of wonder that promises to transport you to a world where backwater Boating in Pondicherry
  • As you glide through the pristine backwaters, the landscape unfolds before your eyes like a series of beautiful paintings. This is the essence of Pondicherry's Boating magic.
  • It's not just a Boat Ride in Pondicherry; it's an exploration of the region's soul. Every moment on the Boat allows you to soak in the essence of this coastal paradise, where time seems to slow down. 
  • The journey is a canvas that showcases nature's artistry – a masterpiece that comes alive during the enchanting sunrise and sunset moments.
  • The Boating in Pondicherry becomes a vessel of camaraderie, where bonds are strengthened against the backdrop of nature's grandeur.
  • Engage in the magic of leisure near Pondicherry Boating as you navigate the waters. Whether it's simply gazing at the scenery or indulging in onboard activities.
  • As the journey nears its end, you realize that this Boat Ride in Pondicherry has not just been a tour; it's been an enchanting tale.

Package Option


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Know before you book

  • To enjoy the serene experience of Boating in Pondicherry, ensure you have a confirmed booking beforehand.
  • Boating in Pondicherry is open to all age groups, making it a fantastic family outing.
  • Arrive at the designated departure point for your chosen slot on time. For a smooth experience, adhere to the reporting time mentioned for your ride.
  • Carry a valid identification document as it might be required for verification during the boarding process.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. Comfortable shoes and sun protection are recommended.
  • Safety first! Wear provided life jackets at all times while on the Boat. They are crucial for everyone's well-being.
  • Listen carefully to the instructions given by the experienced Boat crew. They are trained to ensure a safe journey during your Boat Ride in Pondicherry experience.
  • While the Boat glides through the backwaters, remain seated for the duration of the ride. This ensures stability and prevents accidents.
  • Be aware of the emergency exits and safety protocols provided by the Boat crew. Knowing these details is essential for your safety.
  • Boating in Pondicherry is subject to weather conditions. In case of adverse weather, the ride might be rescheduled or cancelled for safety reasons.

Things to Carry

  • Food and Water Supplies
  • Proper Clothing
  • Id Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

How to book Boating in Pondicherry?

To book a Boating in Pondicherry, you can consider using "Universal Adventure." They offer convenient booking options for a memorable Boating experience. Visit their website or contact their customer service to inquire about availability, pricing, and package details. 

Which is the best place for Boating in Pondicherry?

The Uppalam port jetty to sea for sightseeing from the sea to sight entire Pondicherry City, beach views and unique tourist places in Pondicherry.

What types of Boats are available for Boating?

There is only one type of Motor Boat available with 60 seater seating capacity so any group size upto 60 members is welcomed at one time.

Can I bring my children along?

Yes, children are welcome. Child seats are available, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for young participants.

What are the best timings for Boating?

 The best timings are during sunrise and sunset for the breathtaking views. Departures are scheduled multiple times a day, accommodating different schedules.

Is it safe for non-swimmers?

Yes, the Boat Rides are safe for non-swimmers. Life jackets are provided for everyone on board, ensuring safety throughout the journey.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Generally, outside food and drinks are not allowed on the Boats. However, you can inquire about specific guidelines at the time of booking. Also, we will be distributing Snacks and cold Drinks to each person onboard.

Is Boating affected by weather conditions?

Yes, Boating might be affected by adverse weather conditions. In such cases, rides could be rescheduled or cancelled for safety reasons. It's advisable to check the weather forecast before planning your visit.