Water Surfing in Tehri Lake near Rishikesh
Water Surfing in Tehri Lake near Rishikesh
Water Surfing in Tehri Lake near Rishikesh
Water Surfing in Tehri Lake near Rishikesh
Water Surfing in Tehri Lake near Rishikesh

Water Surfing in Tehri Lake near Rishikesh

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Tehri Lake, Uttarakhand

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What will you experience


10 Mins of Surfing


Beautiful Sunset Session


Certified Instructor


Thrilling Ocean Rides


High Quality Safety Equipment

About the Activity

Activity Duration10 Mins
Activity LocationTehri Lake, Koti Colony, New Tehri
Distance from Rishikesh2.5 Hrs Drive
Activity EnduranceModerate

About Tehri Lake: 

  • Tehri Lake develops into the most breathtaking site ever seen and a centre for water adventure activities for tourists that enjoy adventure and outdoor tourism. 
  • Tehri Lake is the culmination of an adventure that will help you grow in Sports. Since a year ago, the Uttarakhand government has been organizing the Tehri Lake Experience Festival. You can also enjoy that.  

About Water Surfing in Tehri Lake:

  • Private surfing instruction on one of Rishikesh's most picturesque lakes will help you make the most of the city's surfable waves. 
  • On the dunes, get to know your instructor, practice balancing and basic manoeuvres on a surfboard, and then make your way to the water. 
  • You will discover the techniques for catching and riding your first waves, which is not only a thrilling experience but also a remarkable skill.
  • This will give them a sense of the movements and enable them to begin training their bodies for what they must accomplish in the water. 
  • It's time to get to the Lake and catch some waves once everyone has mastered this. Most of our time is spent in the ocean watching our surfers catch wave after wave.
  • Even if someone is not a strong swimmer, they may still join us and have a great time because we typically swim in water that is approximately waist deep.
  • We assist our surfers in getting aboard every wave at first. They can begin catching their waves when they are ready and make innumerable memories. 

Package Option

Water Surfing

10 Mins

699 per person


Booked 200 times

10 Mins
  • 10 Mins of Water Surfing
  • Certified Instructor
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • Booking will result in receipt of confirmation.
  • Not advisable for people with back issues.
  • Pregnant women shouldn't perform the activity.
  • There are no significant medical ailments, including cardiac problems to the person performing the activity.
  • Most visitors can take part.
  • Good weather is necessary for this encounter. You will be given a new date if it is postponed due to bad weather or a full refund.
  • This excursion/activity is private. Only your team will take part. 

Things to Carry

  • Wetsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Water-Resistant Watch
  • Beach Towel
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What is Tehri Lake?

Tehri Lake is a man-made reservoir located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It was formed as a result of the construction of the Tehri Dam on the Bhagirathi River.

Can you go water surfing in Tehri Lake?

Yes, water surfing is one of the popular water sports activities available at Tehri Lake. The lake's calm waters and scenic surroundings make it an ideal location for surfing enthusiasts.

Is water surfing safe in Tehri Lake?

Water surfing in Tehri Lake is generally considered safe, especially for beginners and intermediate surfers. 

Are there any age or skill requirements for water surfing in Tehri Lake?

While there may not be strict age restrictions, it is recommended that participants be at least 12 years old. 

Do I need to bring my own equipment for water surfing?

Most water sports centers and surfing schools in Tehri Lake provide the necessary equipment, including surfboards and safety gear, as part of their packages. 

Are there any surfing competitions or events held at Tehri Lake?

Tehri Lake has become a popular destination for water sports events, including surfing competitions.  

How can I book a water surfing session at Tehri Lake?

To book a water surfing session at Tehri Lake, you can contact the local water sports centers or surf schools operating in the area. They will provide you with information on available packages, timings, and prices.

What is the best time of year for water surfing in Tehri Lake?

The best time for water surfing in Tehri Lake is during the summer months (April to June) when the weather is pleasant and the lake conditions are ideal for the sport.