Paramotoring in Champawat
Paramotoring in Champawat
Paramotoring in Champawat
Paramotoring in Champawat
Paramotoring in Champawat

Paramotoring in Champawat

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Champawat, Uttarakhand

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What will you experience


7-8 Minutes of Flying


Save the Unforgettable Moments


360° Bird's Views


Paramotoring Thrill


Certified Pilot & Crew

About the Activity

Activity LocationOpposite RTO office, Tanakpur, Naik Gooth, Uttarakhand
Max. AltitudeUpto 3500 ft
Total Duration15 Mins (incl. Briefing)
Age LimitAbove 5+ Years
Weight Limit25 to 90 KG

About Champawat:

  • Champawat is a town in Uttarakhand located near the Nepal border, it is a place of scenic landscapes and historical mysteries. Known for its captivating charm, Champawat invites adventure seekers to explore its rich culture and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for water divers seeking both thrill and natural splendour.
  • Champawat offers exhilarating Adventures like River Rafting & Paramotoring. These thrilling activities combine the charm of the site with the excitement of navigating through thrilling fun. With varying difficulty levels, Paramotoring in Champawat promises an adrenaline-packed experience.

About Paramotoring in Champawat:

  • Start your fun by receiving comprehensive instructions and insights before taking to the sky, ensuring an informed experience at the Paramotoring in Champawat.
  • Thoroughly inspect and properly fit safety options, including helmets and Safety Harnesses, setting the foundation for a secure and enjoyable flight.
  • Engage in hands-on ground handling practice to paraglider controls, building confidence in handling the equipment effectively before takeoff.
  • Experience the exhilaration of taking off from the flat ground and reaching up to 3500ft height, utilizing Champawat's open spaces to launch into the sky with ease and excitement.
  • Fly above iconic landmarks, witnessing the city's beauty from a breathtaking Bird's-Eye Perspective during the Paramotoring adventure.
  • Get thrilled with a ride of approx 10 Minutes with the professional glider while capturing the beautiful views in your memories and camera.
  • Conclude the journey with a smooth landing in expansive open spaces, ensuring a safe and controlled conclusion to the Paramotoring experience.
  • Celebrate the adventure after 7 to 8 minutes with a post-flight gathering, sharing experiences with fellow participants.
  • Instructors provide a debriefing session, offering valuable insights for an enriching experience.

Package Option


15 Minutes

2499 per person

15 Minutes
  • Safe and Secure Experience
  • Thrilling Fun
  • 7 to 8 Minutes of Flying Duration
  • Double Checked Safety Equipements
  • Any personal expense
  • Anything apart Inclusions
  • Photos and Videos


  • Children should be above 5+ years old for the activity.
  • Weight limits for the activity are between 25-90 KG.
  • For the Photos and Videos, you have to pay exclusively from the package.

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Know before you book

Health and Fitness:

  • It's important to evaluate your physical fitness level before engaging in any activities to ensure that you are prepared. If you have any health concerns or underlying medical conditions, it is always recommended to consult with a doctor beforehand. 

Advance Booking:

  • Booking in advance can save you time and effort by eliminating the need to wait in long lines or go through on-site registration processes. 

Book Carefully:

  • Before booking any packages, go through them carefully to check the inclusions and exclusions mentioned, as well as the rides and activities included in them.

Clothing and Footwear:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that fit you well, and cover your body and comfy shoes that ground your feet before the adventure. 

Safety Briefings:

  • A comprehensive safety briefing is an essential part of adventure activities. Therefore, it's crucial to pay close attention to the instructions given by the guides and operators.

Motion Sickness:

  • For some rides, there is a chance of getting motion sickness, so take appropriate precautions if you are prone to it. 

Age Restrictions:

  • Age limits for Paramotoring in Champawat are above 5+ Years to ensuring the safety measures.

Weather Conditions:

  • Be prepared for any kind of end moment cancellations due to any adverse weather conditions. If it gets postponed to cancelled the amount applicable will be refunded.

Things to Carry

  • Wear Comfortable Cloth
  • Long Trousers
  • Water Bottle
  • Valid ID Proof
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera/Phone
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

Is Paramotoring safe?

Yes, as it conducted under proper supervision and with certified instructors, paramotoring is considered a safe activity.

Do I need any prior experience for Paramotoring?

No prior experience is required. Certified instructors provide training before the flight.

What is the best Time for Paramotoring in Champawat?

The ideal time for paramotoring is generally during clear weather conditions, usually in the morning or late afternoon.

How long does Paramotoring session last?

A paramotoring session in Champawat can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 Minutes, depending on the chosen package.

Are there Age restrictions for Paramotoring?

Participants typically need to be at least 12 years old, and there are upper age limits as well.

Is Paramotoring affected by weather conditions?

Yes, extreme weather conditions may affect Paramotoring. Flights may be rescheduled or canceled for safety reasons.

Are there Weight restrictions for Paramotoring?

Yes, there are weight restrictions (25-90 KG) for paramotoring. Participants must adhere to these limits for safety reasons.

Can I eat before a Paramotoring session?

It's recommended to have a light meal before the flight. Avoid heavy or spicy foods that may cause discomfort during the experience.

How is the take-off and landing in Paramotoring?

Take-off is generally smooth and controlled, and landing is usually a gentle process with the guidance of the pilot.

Is Paramotoring a Noisy activity?

Paramotoring can generate some noise due to the motor, but operators provide participants with protective gear, including earplugs.

How fast do Paramotors travel during a session?

Paramotors travel at moderate speeds, providing a comfortable and scenic flying experience.

Can Pregnant women participate in Paramotoring?

Pregnant women are usually advised against participating in paramotoring due to safety concerns.