Go Karting In South Goa
Go Karting In South Goa
Go Karting In South Goa
Go Karting In South Goa
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Go Karting In South Goa

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Go Karting In South Goa

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  • Revel in the joy of Go Karting in South Goa for 1 whole hour. Make it one of your favorite sports.
  • Nuvem, South Goa is a well-known area for karting tracks wherein diverse go-karting is held. 
  • Enjoy the adventure with all the safety measures & essential gear to protect you with experienced instructors. 
  • Add this amazing activity to your bucket list and book this activity soon to experience everything.


Quick info:

  • Activity Location: Nuvem, South Goa
  • Activity Timings: 1 hour (From 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM)

About Goa:

  • Not just for its beaches, but also for its exciting nightlife, mouthwatering seafood, exhilarating water sports, and other amenities, Goa is one of the best, most beautiful tourist destinations in India.
  •  The Nuvem Town Go-Karting Track is located on a hill in the northeastern section of the town and is easily accessible from both North and South Goa.

About Go Karting in South Goa:

  • Reach Nuvem a village in South Goa. It is a famous location in Goa for its karting tracks that host various go-karting events. 
  • Nuvem is also famous for its racetrack, one of the largest circuits in the country. You can enjoy 10 laps of kart experience with many U-turns and tight sections.
  • Goa's scenic outdoor tracks offer an exciting and fun go-karting experience. The standard kart has a 6-horsepower 4-stroke Honda engine, while the Pro kart has a 13-horsepower 4-stroke Honda engine.
  • The Arpora track is about 340 meters long, with many U-shaped curves and tight sections, giving thrill-seekers the adrenaline rush they need.
  • Enjoy the thrilling experience with your friends and race with them. Don't forget to capture the moments and take the memories with you forever.


  • Upto 10 Laps of Go Karting 
  • Professional Guide
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Additional Info

Know Before you go Go Karting In South Goa:

  • At our track, a driver must be at least 62" tall (5' 2").
  • Please be aware that we are quite strict about height restrictions and that children are not permitted.
  • Go-karting is a risky activity that can leave the driver or other participants injured. When driving a go-kart, loose hair presents a major risk. Keep your cool and be safe.
  • No matter their religious beliefs or other motivations, all participants and drivers are required to use the provided helmets while operating the carts.
  • The entry procedure is strictly first-come, first served.
  • Prior to participating, everyone must properly complete and sign the Driver Registration/Indemnity Form
  • The Driver Registration/Indemnity Form must have a parent's or guardian's signature if the driver is under the age of 18.
  • Due to unsafe driving or disobeying directions, the Management has the exclusive option to prohibit Go-Karting to any client or end his or her driving while on the track.
  • In order to reduce dangers, drivers and participants are not allowed to wear scarves, mufflers, or loose clothing.
  • Alcohol and other intoxicating substances cannot be consumed under any circumstances.
  • Never apply the brake and the accelerator at the same time.
  • If you must stop on the track, do so gradually and raise one hand to signal the vehicle in the back of you.
  • Learn all flag signals, and follow them.
  • The management disclaims liability for any loss or damage to cars and personal property.
  • Gaming is not what go-karting is. This is authentic racing. The safety of every competitor is in your hands, and that is our first priority.
  • Competitors that violate safety regulations or drive recklessly, misuse, or damage karts and equipment risk being stopped and told to leave the race without compensation.
  • A non-contact motorsport is go-karting. This rule must be followed or you risk being eliminated.
  • Any damage caused by improper use of the equipment and/or karts will be recovered from the defaulter.
  • Participants who are wearing sarees, burkhas, bikinis, or dupattas will not be permitted to drive a kart.
  • Admission privileges are reserved.
  • Always keep a proper ID on you, such as an Aadhar card.

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