Bodh Gaya Water Park Gaya Tickets
Bodh Gaya Water Park Gaya Tickets
Bodh Gaya Water Park Gaya Tickets
Bodh Gaya Water Park Gaya Tickets
Bodh Gaya Water Park Gaya Tickets
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Bodh Gaya Water Park Gaya Tickets

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Bodh Gaya Water Park Gaya Tickets

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  • Experience roller coaster rides and water slides for kids and adults. 
  • Enjoy the sea-like feeling on land with big pools and drizzling showers.
  • Explore a great way to spend your vacations enjoying rides and good food.  
  • Amazing guides will instruct you on the precautions to be taken during the ride. 


Quick information:

  • Activity Location: Bodh Gaya, Bakraur, Gaya, Bihar
  • Activity Timings:10 am to 6 pm
  • Activity Duration:10 hours 

About Bodh Gaya water park, Bihar:   

  • It is difficult to make a general statement about why BodhGaya water park stands out compared to other water parks, as this can vary depending on the specific features and offerings of each park. However, here are a few reasons that may make BodhGaya water park unique. BodhGaya water park may be located in a unique and scenic area, making it a popular destination for people who want to enjoy a day out in nature.
  • Cultural Significance of Bodh Gaya is a religious and cultural site of great importance to Buddhists, and the water park may offer unique opportunities to experience this cultural heritage.BodhGaya water park may offer unique attractions and water-based activities that are not found at other water parks, making it a unique and exciting destination for visitors.

About the Activities in Bodh Gaya water park, Bihar 

  • Get there early enough to enter before the entry times so you can start having fun right away.
  • Kids can enjoy many rides like Jumping Jampak and baby pool with due supervision of the guide.
  • Elders have a different set of rides which consists of a sliding pool, spiral slides, and many more exciting rides.
  • The most exciting part of this water park is that it provides a Dj package so visitors can enjoy their rain dance.
  • Groups consisting of 5 or more persons have a free one person discount on our admission prices.
  • Take all the pictures you want in this amazing location and create an amazing memory with your loved ones.
  • The water park may offer affordable prices compared to other water parks, making it a more accessible and budget-friendly option.

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Additional Info

Know Before you do Activities Bodh Gaya water park

  • Wearing a swimming costume is necessary to enter the activity area.
  • All the belongings should be kept in the locker and no authority is responsible for any stolen property.
  • No costly items should be carried to the activity zone 
  • Enjoy the ride by following the necessary precautions that have been provided by the guide.
  • Kids should stay away from adult rides
  • Ensure cleanliness and maintain hygiene.
  • Park Opened: Monday - Sunday
  • Booking available  anytime

How To Reach


By Air:Gaya is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights through the Gaya Airport(GAY). One can also book a cab or even hire a taxi from the Airport.

By Road:Gaya has excellent and well-maintained roads. Travel by a number of state or private buses from cities like- Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Raurkela, Patna, Kolkata, etc. is really convenient for the people.

By Train:You can easily get regular trains to Gaya from other major cities in the country. Gaya Junction Railway Station(GAYA) is the station that one has to reach.

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