Wayanad One Day Trip by Cab
Wayanad One Day Trip by Cab
Wayanad One Day Trip by Cab
Wayanad One Day Trip by Cab
Wayanad One Day Trip by Cab

Wayanad One Day Trip by Cab

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Wayanad, Kerala

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9 to 10 Hours of Trip by Car


Experienced Driver & Guide


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Panoramic Sunset View

About the Activity

Activity LocationWayanad, Kerala
Age LimitNo Age Limit
Pickup & Drop Location Wayanad(from Hotel)
Activity Timing 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Activity Duration9 to 10 hours
Places CoveredEddakkal caves, Lakkidi Viewpoint, and More

About Wayanad:

  • In Kerala's southwest, Wayanad is a rural haven. Eastward lies the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, home to elephants and tigers. Southward, the Ambukuthi Hills hold ancient Edakkal Caves with Neolithic art, blending nature and history. It's a serene district alive with wildlife and ancient tales, inviting you to explore and discover its enchanting secrets with our one day trip places in wayanad.
  • Experience wayand one day trip, exploring its scenic wonders. Take in the beauty of dams, caves, viewpoints, and captivating waterfalls. Make your vacation an unforgettable and delightful experience filled with joy and beautiful memories by visiting best place in wayanad for one day trip.

About Day Excursion of Wayanad:

  • Join us for Wayanad One Day Trip, beginning at 8:00 AM, as we pick you up from your hotel in Munnar. Our experienced driver, who knows these roads inside out, will be your friendly guide on this journey, making sure you have a safe and enjoyable time for one day trip wayanad.
  • Immerse yourself in Wayanad's natural beauty as you journey towards Ambukuthi Hill. Take a captivating trek from Ambukuthi Hills to discover the awe-inspiring Edakkal Caves, perched at an elevation of 1200 meters. Embrace the serene surroundings and relish this exceptional experience that awaits you amidst nature's wonders.
  • Experience the breathtaking views from Lakkidi, renowned as India's wettest and greenest spot. Witness unparalleled scenic beauty and capture mesmerizing sunrise and sunset vistas that are truly unforgettable in our wayanad places to visit in one day.
  • Explore Banasura Sagar Dam, India's largest earthen dam and the second largest in Asia. Nestled by Banasura Hills, this reservoir offers irrigation, drinking water, and hydroelectric power—a testament to nature's abundance and human engineering at its best.
  • Experience a delightful visit to Pookat Lake, a serene oasis. Admire the stunning water lilies and the playful presence of various birds that instantly draw your attention. Take a moment to unwind and revitalize amidst the tranquil and captivating beauty of this charming lake.
  • Enjoy lunch at a renowned restaurant, followed by a visit to Soochipara Waterfall for relaxation we move forward for the tourist places in wayanad for one day trip . Unwind and rejuvenate by the falls before heading to the Wayanad Heritage Museum to delve into history.
  • After a day packed with excitement, we'll head to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary to catch sight of some amazing wildlife. Once that's done, we'll take a break for evening snacks to recharge. Our friendly driver, who knows the area well, will then escort you back to your hotel, marking the end of our memorable Wayanad One Day Trip and hence we completed all places to visit in wayanad in 1 day.

Package Option

Trip by Sedan

9 to 10 Hours

3499 per Sedan


Booked 110 times

Trip by SUV

9 to 10 Hours

5499 per SUV

Trip by Tempo

9 hours

7999 per Tempo

9 to 10 Hours
  • Certified Guide
  • Inclusive of GST
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses

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Go through the Package:

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Booking Details:

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Weather Conditions:

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  • Booking in advance secures your spot on the excursion. Popular tours and activities often fill up quickly, especially during peak tourist seasons. Pre-booking ensures you won't miss out on the experience.

Things to Carry

  • Water Bottle and Snacks
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Map or GPS device
  • Camera or Smartphone
  • First Aid Kit
  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Cash & Card
  • Valid ID Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What are the top attractions to cover during a one-day sightseeing trip to Wayanad?

 Popular attractions include Edakkal Caves, Pookode Lake, Banasura Sagar Dam, and much more to explore the attractions in Wayanad.

How far is Wayanad from major nearby cities, and what is the travel time by car?

Wayanad is approximately 76-100 kilometers away from cities like Kozhikode (Calicut) and takes around 2-3 hours by car, depending on the route and traffic.

Is it possible to cover all major attractions in Wayanad in a single day?

While it's challenging to visit all places in one day due to distance and time constraints, focusing on selected key attractions can offer a comprehensive experience.

What is the best mode of transportation for a day trip to Wayanad, and can cab services be easily found?

Hiring a cab or taxi for the day is convenient and readily available in Wayanad. Pre-booking or arranging transport through local services is advisable.

Are there any food options or restaurants along the way or near the attractions in Wayanad?

 Yes, there are various eateries, local cafes, and restaurants near popular tourist spots in Wayanad, offering authentic Kerala cuisine and refreshments.

Can we hire a local guide for the sightseeing tour in Wayanad, and how beneficial would it be?

Their is no need to hire a local guide as our experienced driver is here to help you out to explore Wayanad, he is the local person and knows all locations.

What is the ideal time to start a one-day sightseeing tour in Wayanad to avoid crowds and traffic?

Starting the tour early, around 8 AM, is advisable to avoid crowds and make the most of the day, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Are there any specific safety measures or precautions to keep in mind while exploring Wayanad's attractions?

Maintaining caution on hilly terrains, following designated trails during hikes, and staying hydrated are essential safety measures to consider.

Is it necessary to carry any specific essentials, such as sunscreen or insect repellent, during the day trip to Wayanad?

Carrying essentials like sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottles, comfortable footwear, and a light jacket (depending on weather conditions) is advisable for a comfortable trip.

Are there any specific restrictions or entry fees for the attractions in Wayanad?

Some attractions may have entry fees, and certain places might have restrictions on photography or specific visitor guidelines. Checking beforehand or with the cab driver/guide is recommended.