Snow Kingdom Chennai

Snow Kingdom Chennai

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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10 Hours of Activities


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Snowy Slopes


Build Snowmans

About the Activity

Activity locationSnow Kingdom, Chennai
Opening Time10:00 AM
Closing Time8:00 PM

About Chennai:

  • Chennai is where Marina Beach, Fort St. George, Kapaleeshwarar Temple, and Meenakshi Amman Temple are just a few of the many historical and cultural attractions that exist in one of India's most populated towns. 
  • The coastal city is a modern, multicultural metropolis steeped in history and tradition. It is a hotspot for vacationers because it offers activities and sights that appeal to people of all ages.

About the Snow Kingdom in Chennai:

  • Check in at one of the fun places- the Snow Kingdom in Chennai to live your fantasies. 
  • After the briefing, you're free to dive into the exciting snowy adventure.
  • Playing in the snow, constructing snowmen, and engaging in snowball wars are additional fun activities.
  • Ride down a snowy slope on inflated tubes while yelling "WOW" at the top of your lungs.
  • Take photographs at the Igloo and treat yourself to some of the city's renowned local cuisine and drink.
  • Visit the first-ever Click Art Museum in India to see how engaging and entertaining even the most basic artwork can be.
  • The days of 3D movies are over! In their place, we provide 12D. Put on your shades and prepare to be transported back to the ice age.
  • In short, a day spent at the Snow Kingdom is a day well spent. You may appreciate the cool winter air and get away from the heat here.

Package Option

Entry Fees

10 Hours

749 per person

10 Hours
  • Entry Fees
  • Certified Guide
  • High Quality Safety Gears
  • Inclusive of GST
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses
  • Any Damage to Equipments
  • Anything Else than Inclusion

Activity Location

Know before you book

  • You must wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer.
  • Regular checkups consisting of a temperature reading are performed.
  • Proof of having been vaccinated against coronavirus is needed at check-in for all visitors.
  • In the snow, you should always go at a speed that makes you feel secure.
  • Although snow kingdom ticket price is always the same, they may rise or fall at peak times.
  • Don't risk your safety by ignoring the staff's warnings; they're there for a reason.
  • Your hands and head will become cold, so you should wear gloves and a hat.
  • Avoid getting frostbite by keeping your feet warm and dry by wearing shoes designed for cold weather.
  • The person under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • Inside the park, smoking is strictly forbidden.
  • If you violate any of our policies, you will be asked to leave immediately and without warning.
  • The Snow Kingdom is under constant video surveillance.
  • In the event that an event is canceled due to technical difficulties, no refunds will be given.

Things to Carry

  • Warm Clothing
  • Snow Accessories
  • Safety Gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks and Water
  • Camera
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What's a "Snow Park"?

Man-made snow is the main attraction of a snow park, where visitors may enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

Why is Snow Park so much fun?

As more and more people look for ways to partake in winter activities without having to go to colder climates, snow parks have exploded in popularity.

Can I bring my pet to the Snow Kingdom?

Within the boundaries of the Snow Kingdom, pets are not permitted under any circumstances. Check out the product policy page on our website,, for additional details on this topic.

Is there special treatment for VIPs in the Snow Kingdom?

Everything is on a first-come, first-served basis, and there is no reservation system in Snow Kingdom Chennai.

Are snow tools available for rent?

Guests have access to a wide variety of winter clothing, equipment, and devices. In fact, we do provide it on a return basis, so guests may utilize it at no cost.

What can I bring with me to the Snow Kingdom?

A snow park is a great place to bring a camera, some pictures, and a water bottle. Bring some food with you or you can munch on your favorites at the cafe inside the Park.

Can I leave my expensive camera at the counter for safekeeping?

You shouldn't bring anything of value to the counter worth more than one thousand rupees, since management will not be held liable for its loss.

What kind of things can I do in this park?

At the Snow Kingdom, you may do anything from skiing and snowboarding to tubing and snowshoeing, taking sleigh rides, ice skating, snowmobiling, building snow forts, having snowball battles, and making snow angels.

Is Snow Kingdom open every day?

That's correct. It is still possible for the Snow Kingdom to be closed for an extended length of time under exceptional circumstances, such as yearly maintenance or lockdown.

What if I lose my valuables in the park?

The Snow Kingdom is not responsible for the loss or theft of any valuables. In any case, you may always check “Lost & Found” in case someone has returned it.