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Sonipat, Haryana

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What will you experience


Fascinating Wave Pool


Various Thrilling Rides


Slide Into Relaxing Water


Groove Under Rain Dance


Exhilarating Adventure Activities

About the Activity

Activity Location54th Mile Stone, Grand Trunk Rd, Murthal, Haryana 131039
Operational Hours10:30 AM to 06:30 PM
Age LimitNo Age Limit
Total Duration8 Hours (Approx)
Parks AvailableSnow Park, Amusement Park, Water Park & Adventure Park

About New Delhi:

  • The National Capital of India, New Delhi is a hustling-bustling city with numerous adventure activities. Water Park in Delhi NCR, is one of the most loved activities in summer for people to cool down and relax from their day's fatigue.
  • Dive into the magical world of adventures at Mojoland Adventure Park where you can enjoy a snow park in sweating summers and perform various thrilling activities. Book Mojoland Tickets with your family and have a memorable day.

About Mojoland Water Park near Delhi:

  • Have a thrill-filled day with your loved ones at Mojoland Multi Theme Park and explore a pool of adventure activities and exciting rides.
  • Get the Mojoland Tickets, reach the adventure location and get ready to experience one of the most exhilarating days of your life.
  • Challenge yourself with activities like Rock climbing and Rope challenge and awaken your inner archer with Archery and Shooting games.
  • Glide above the ground and enjoy breathtaking views of Mojoland Murthal while experiencing the exhilaration of ziplining through the park.
  • Enjoy the Wave Pool, Volcanic Waterfall, Foam Dance, Rain Dance and much more with relaxing showers and music to groove at Mojoland Water Park.
  • Have fun in the Mojoland Snow Park and capture the cheerful moments with loved ones to cherish and share with others until you visit the next time.
  • Enjoy various Mojoland Rides and activities, and take a bagful of memories with you as your adventure at Mojoland Adventure Park comes to an end

Package Option

Access to Any One Park

8 Hours

599 per person

Access to Any 2 Park

8 Hours Duration

899 per person

Access to Any 3 Park

8 Hours

1199 per person

Access to All 4 Parks

8 Hours

1399 per person

8 Hours
  • 8 Hours of Thrilling Adventure
  • Instant First Aid Facility
  • Good Quality Equipment
  • Clean Washroom Facility
  • Proper Changing Room
  • Professional & Cooperative Instructors
  • Access to Any 1 Park of your Choice
  • Any Food Expenses
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Cost
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusions


  • Children whose height is below 2.8 feet are free of cost and between the age group of 4 to 11 Years should select the Child Package.
  • Snow Boots, Snow Jackets, and Snow Gloves are available free of cost.

Amusement Park Inclusions:

  1. 40 Feet Funnel Slide
  2. Aqua Snake Slide
  3. Family Slide
  4. Pendulum Slides
  5. Multi Racer Slides
  6. Space Bowl Slide
  7. Wave Pool
  8. Volcanic Waterfall
  9. Foam Dance
  10. Beach Shack Cafe
  11. Rain Dance

Adventure Park Inclusions:

  1. Giant Swing
  2. Sky Cycling
  3. Rock Climbing
  4. High Rope
  5. Low Rope
  6. Archery
  7. Shooting
  8. Free-fall
  9. Ziplining

Snow Park Inclusions:

  1. Igloo
  2. Snow Disco
  3. Natural Snow Fall
  4. Ice Slide
  5. Snow Sledding
  6. Snow Boarding

Water Park Inclusions:

  1. Wave Pool
  2. Volcano Waterfall
  3. ⁠Rain Dance
  4. Foam Dance
  5. ⁠Multi-Racer Slides
  6. ⁠Aqua Snake Slide
  7. Pendulum Slide
  8. Tornado Slide
  9. Black Hole Slide
  10. Toddlers Zero Pool
  11. Frog Slide
  12. Zip Zap Zoom Slide
  13. Family Slide
  14. Family Pool

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Know before you book

Appropriate Attire:

  • Dress comfortably for exhilarating water activities at Mojoland, avoid sarees or clothing that might hinder movement and dress in layers for Snow Park.

Health Considerations:

  • Pregnant women and individuals with recent surgeries, fractures, and persistent back or neck issues should avoid certain activities for safety concerns and to avoid injuries.

Prohibited Items:

  • Sharp objects, lighters, drinks, luggage, knives, etc., are restricted in Mojoland for safety reasons.

Age Restriction:

  • Some activities are limited to children above the age of 10 years for safety considerations.

Alcohol Policy:

  • Refrain from consuming alcohol before or during rides or any activities for your safety and the safety of others.


  • Help maintain a clean environment around the riding area by not littering and disposing of trash properly in the dust bins.

Safety and Equipment:

  • Enjoy your ride without damaging equipment and follow all necessary safety precautions and instructions given by the instructor in Mojoland.

Reservation Confirmation:

  • Upon booking Mojoland Tickets expect a confirmation to ensure your booking is secured.

Things to Carry

  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Flip-flops
  • Waterproof Phone Case
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What are the Operational Hours of the Water Park?

The Operational Hours for Mojoland Multi-Themed Park are from 10:30 AM to 06:30 PM.

What is the Total Duration of the Activity?

The Total Duration of the activity in Water Park is 8 Hours.

Is the Adventure Park Safe for Children?

Yes, Mojoland Adventure Park is safe for children. There are lifeguards and high-quality equipment to ensure children's safety. The kid's play area has shallow waters to avoid injury or accidents.

How is Safety secured at Mojoland?

With high-grade safety gear, trained and professional lifeguards and instant first-aid access, safety is secured at Mojoland Murthal.

What is the Age Limit for participating in park's adventures?

There is No Age limit to participate in the activities. Underage children have to be accompanied by a responsible guardian to participate.

How to Book Mojoland Ticket?

After clicking "Book Now," fill in the guest's information, including the number of people in your group, visiting date, and other data, and make the required payment. Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will be informed of the exact location of the activity. Contact us via customer care services for more information.

Are Medications or medical stores available in the Adventure Park?

Medical stores are Unavailable in the water park, so carry your medications with you. Please notify the coordinator if you have any allergies so that they can cater to your needs throughout your stay.

Can I cancel my Booking?

According to the Terms and Conditions if your booking is refundable you can easily cancel the booking. Contact us via our customer care service for more information.

What should I wear in the Adventure Park?

Dress comfortably for exhilarating water activities at Mojoland, avoid sarees or clothing that might hinder movement and dress in layers for Snow Park.

Are there any Health related Restrictions for the activities?

Individuals with recent surgeries, fractures, persistent neck and back issues, women on mensural cycle, and pregnant women are advised to refrain from participating in the activities at Mojoland Water Park and Adventure Park for safety and cleanliness concerns.