Kayaking at Ananthagiri hills
Kayaking at Ananthagiri hills
Kayaking at Ananthagiri hills
Kayaking at Ananthagiri hills
Kayaking at Ananthagiri hills

Kayaking at Ananthagiri hills

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Ananthagiri Hills, Telangana

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What will you experience


30 Mins of Kayaking


Thrilling Water Adventure


Certified Instructor


High Quality Equipments


Gentle River Whispers of Water

About the Activity

Opening Time7:00 AM
Closing Time6:00 PM
Duration30 Mins
Activity LocationAnanthagiri Hills

About Ananthagiri Hills:

  • Ananthagiri Hills is a place with extreme beauty with picturesque mountains in the western ghats and is best for sports adventures. It is located in the forest region so enjoy your quality time there. It has enchanting trees and rivers and homestays.
  • If you are a person who is a nature lover and wants to come out of your comfort zone and try something new, kayaking in Ananthagiri hills is the perfect place for you. It will make you immersed in its flora and fauna.

About Kayaking in Ananthagiri Hills:

  • Start your day in the fresh air and cool breezes of the serene river water. and meet our professional guide. They will help you in making sure you are aware of the guidelines.
  • After that, you will meet other team members of the team. Embrace the enchanting views of nature before you spark on an exhilarating adventure in the waters.
  • Our guide will then take you to the respective place of kayaking and you will start enjoying it after 10 minutes of acknowledging the instructions of the trainer.
  • Spend some quality time feeling the ruffles of the river as you move your kayak ahead in the water flow amidst the embrace of the lush towering trees all around you. 
  • You will get enough time to relish and capture the mesmerizing beauty of Mother Nature so take your cameras out and capture yourself having a moment with lush surroundings and reflecting glossy waters.
  • In the end, we will provide you well arranged neat and clean changing rooms. This will bring your day to an end and you will proceed towards your next destination with countless adventurous memories. 

Package Option

Single Kayak

Single Seater

299 per person


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Double Seater Kayak

Double Seater

349 per person

Single Seater
  • 30 mins of Kayak
  • Experienced Guide
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • You are mandated to carry a valid ID Proof (Passport/ Voter ID/ Driving License).
  • You must carry copies of your ID Proof.
  • Carry some cash on hand for your convenience.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol during the trip.
  • You should carry basic medicines and a first-aid box with you.
  • Take proper care of your belongings while you are on your trip.
  • Throughout the activity make sure you are following the instructions. 
  • Children must be assisted by their parents/guardians throughout the trip.
  • Take proper safety precautions while kayaking. 
  • Maintain the hygiene of the surroundings. 

Things to Carry

  • Extra Pair of Cloth
  • Sunscreen and Hat
  • Snacks and Water
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

Is Kayaking suitable for beginners?

 Kayaking is an easy sport and can be done by beginners as well. Venture on this new adventure now!

How far will I kayak?

A beginner takes at least 15 Minutes to cover a distance of 5 to 8 KM in calm and slow waters.

Can two people kayak together?

Yes! Kayaks come in a single or double capacity, and kayaking with your companion, friend or family member is a fantastic way to start your adventure!

Can you sit cross-legged in a Kayak?

The seating depends on the type of kayak you are provided with during the activity; some kayaks might have space, while others only have support notches for your heels.

Why should I go for Kayaking?

Kayaking is not only a fun adventure but is also a great lower-body activity. If you are craving some adrenaline rush, then without a doubt Kayaking is for you that also gives you an abundant sprinkle of natural beauty. 

Are there any variants in Kayaking?

There are different gradients and levels of Kayaking, making it suitable for everybody to enjoy this adventurous activity according to their skill and pace.

Is there any fitness level for kayaking?

 Kayaking is an activity that requires being fit enough to move around freely and has the stamina to walk and lift everyday things. If you are fit enough to do all the latter things, you are healthy enough to kayak!

Are kayaks safe?

Kayaks are safe! With our professionally trained guides and instructors, you are in safe hands!

Can I kayak in a two-person kayak?

 Yes, it is possible to kayak in a boat with a capacity of two people; however, it is preferred to kayak that fits full capacity.