Jet Ski in Kashid Beach
Jet Ski in Kashid Beach
Jet Ski in Kashid Beach
Jet Ski in Kashid Beach
Jet Ski in Kashid Beach

Jet Ski in Kashid Beach

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Kashid Beach, Maharashtra

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What will you experience


Stunning Coastal Views


Breathtaking Views

1 KM of Jet Ski Ride

About the Activity

Activity Location Kashid Beach
Age Limit Above 5 Years
Operational Timmings9 AM - 6 PM
Total Duration (including Briefing)10 Mins (Incl. Briefing, Waiting, Ride Duration)
Distance Covered 1000 Metres

About Kashid Beach:

  • Kashid Beach lies approximately 125 Km from Mumbai and rests along the shores of the Arabian Sea. The place is well-known for its pristine white sands and shines out as one of the immaculate beaches in northern Konkan. 
  • Experience the excitement at Jet Ski in Kashid Beach where you’ll experience an electrifying experience as you zip across the waves and clasp the exhilarating breeze against your skin. 

About Jet Ski in Kashid Beach:

  • Arrive at the assigned location 10-15 minutes beforehand for Jet Ski in Kashid Beach. The guide will welcome you and assist you throughout.
  • Before commencing, you are provided with necessary safety gear including life jackets and helmets to have a secure experience.
  • Receive instructions on how to operate the Jet Ski in Kashid Beach after everyone is fully equipped and safety procedures.
  • Our certified guide will demonstrate proper handling techniques. So, that everyone feels comfortable before starting.
  • Feel the joy of Jet Ski in Kashid Beach where the invigorating breeze and captivating views will give you a breathtaking experience.
  • An exciting rush is offered by jet skiing as participants zoom across the waves. The speed and freedom of the activity are sure to get the heart racing.
  • Capture the adventure of Jet Ski in Kashid Beach with cameras to relive the excitement after the activity is over.
  • Bid farewell to your guide and fellow adventurers. Our team will be on hand to assist with any post-activity needs or questions.
  • Before departing, the opportunity to provide feedback ensures that future adventurers have an even better time.

Package Option

Jet Ski (Solo)

10 Minutes

399 per person


Jet Ski (Tandem)

699 per Jet Ski

10 Minutes
  • 1000 Mtrs of Ride
  • Experienced Guide
  • Breathtaking Views
  • Best Quality Gear
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Food Expenses
  • Anything Not Mentioned on Inclusions


  • The total duration of this exciting activity is 10 minutes which includes a safety briefing, ride duration and waiting time.
  • The rider will be an instructor and not customer.

Activity Location

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Know before you book

Reporting Early:

  • Reporting early is crucial for completing essential paperwork, receiving safety briefings, and preparing for the adventure of Jet Ski in Kashid Beach.

Age Restrictions:

  • Riders must be above 2-3 years old to participate. 

Advance Booking:

  • Booking in advance secures your spot for Jet Ski in Kashid Beach, especially during peak seasons, and ensures that you won't be disappointed upon arrival. 

Proper Gears and Equipment:

  • Feel safe with us! From a safety briefing immediately before jet skiing and equipping you with the essential gear to the accompaniment of a Trained Professional during the activity, these are all our responsibilities.  

Following the Rules:

  • Listen carefully to the instructions of the expert and do not perform any unaccepted manoeuvres during the ride that could prove dangerous. Never attempt to jump off the jet ski.

Health Constraints:

  • If you have any of the following health issues, do not forget to consult a medical practitioner before participating: Epilepsy - Asthma - Recent fractures - Any Major Injury - Pregnant Women - Severe Heart Conditions - Recent Heart Attacks.

Check the Packages:

  • Carefully scan every inclusion and exclusion of the packages to avoid any future disputes and make a well-informed booking.

Swimming is Not Mandatory:

  • To perform Jet Ski in Kashid Beach, you do not have to be a swimmer. Just ride safely following the instructions. 

Consumption of Drugs and Alcohol:

  • Alcohol or any drug intake before the activity or during the activity is strictly prohibited.

Weather Awareness:

  • Be aware of the weather changes as adverse conditions could result in the cancellation or the rescheduling of the activity. 

Things to Carry

  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Waterproof Case
  • Extra Clothing and Towels
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

How much does Jet Ski in Kashid Beach Cost?

The cost for the adventure of Jet Ski in Kashid Beach typically starts from INR 450 including the safety gear. Additional charges may apply for extras such as insurance or guided tours.

Is Jet Ski in Kashid Beach Safe?

Yes, jet skiing in Kashid Beach can be safe when practised responsibly, with adherence to safety guidelines and instructions from certified instructors. 

How can I Book a Jet Skiing session?

Book your Jet Skiing session in Kashid Beach through water sports operators or our online booking platform for convenient reservations.

What are the Operating Hours for Jet Ski in Kashid Beach?

The Operating Hours for Jet Ski in Kashid Beach typically coincide with daylight hours, starting from 9 AM to 6 PM if the weather permits.

How long is a Jet Skiing Session?

A session of Jet Ski in Kashid Beach typically lasts around 5-6 minutes, but longer sessions may be available upon request or depending on the package chosen.

Do I need previous experience to go Jet Skiing?

Previous experience is not usually required to go for Jet Ski in Kashid Beach as certified instructors often provide basic training before the session.

Can I go Jet Skiing with a group of friends?

Yes, group bookings are available, but the number of Jet Skies may be limited, so it's best to book in advance.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad, sessions of Jet Ski in Kashid Beach may be postponed or cancelled for safety reasons, with the option for rescheduling.

Is there an Age Limit for Jet Ski adventure?

Yes, typically, the age requirement is above 2-3 years to ride a Jet Ski in Kashid Beach. However, younger participants may be allowed to ride as passengers with a consenting adult.

Are there other activities available besides Jet Skiing?

Yes, besides Jet Ski activity, visitors to Kashid Beach can enjoy activities such as parasailing, banana boat rides, and snorkelling offered by operators.