Horse Ride in Gulmarg

Horse Ride in Gulmarg

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Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

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1-2 Hours of Horse Ride


Trained Horses


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Explore Meadows, Valleys and Forests


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About the Activity

Activity LocationGulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir
Activity Duration1 to 2 Hours
Age Limit12+
Weight limit>90 KG

About Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir:

  • Gulmarg is a popular tourist destination located in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, India, known for its picturesque landscapes, snow-clad mountains, and stunning natural beauty.
  • The town is home to several attractions, including the Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car, the highest golf course in the world, and several hiking and trekking trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding Himalayan range.

About Horse Ride in Gulmarg:

  • Explore the stunning landscapes of Gulmarg on horseback, with opportunities to ride through meadows, forests, and valleys.
  • Immerse yourself in the unique Kashmiri culture as you ride through quaint villages and interact with friendly locals.
  • Horse Riding in Gulmarg is a versatile activity suitable for all levels of experience, with options for leisurely rides or more adventurous trails.
  • Admire the majestic Himalayan views and picturesque surroundings while creating unforgettable memories on horseback.
  • Patnitop, Sanasar, and Kishtwar are top destinations for Horse Riding in the area, offering some of the most scenic and enjoyable experiences.
  • Discover hidden gems and off-beaten tracks as you explore the stunning natural beauty of Kashmir on horseback.
  • Trained professionals ensure a safe and enjoyable Horse Riding experience, making it a must-do activity for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayas and picturesque surroundings on a leisurely Horse Ride, creating lifelong memories.

Package Option

Horse Ride from Phase 1

1-2 Hours

1199 per person

Horse Ride from Phase Taxi Stand Gulmarg

1-2 Hours

1999 per person

1-2 Hours
  • 1 to 2 Hours of Activity
  • Experienced Guide for Instructions
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • Horse Riding in Gulmarg is suitable for riders of all levels, including beginners.
  • Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes with a good grip, as they will help keep your feet stable in the stirrups.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather, as temperatures can vary depending on the season and time of day.
  • Always listen carefully to your guide's instructions and follow their safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • It is important to establish a good rapport with your horse, which can be achieved through gentle strokes and soft spoken words.
  • Be sure to carry plenty of water and sunscreen to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays.
  • Finally, be sure to bring your camera to capture the stunning landscapes and unforgettable memories of your Horse Riding experience in Gulmarg.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • You will be ensured of safety.

Things to Carry

  • Riding Boots
  • Gloves
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • Id Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

Is Horse Riding in Gulmarg suitable for all ages?

Yes, Horse Riding in Gulmarg is suitable for all ages.

Do I need prior experience to go Horse Riding in Gulmarg?

No, prior experience is not necessary for Horse Riding in Gulmarg as there are trained professionals to guide you.

What should I wear for Horse Riding in Gulmarg?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for Horse Riding, and dress in layers as the weather can change quickly.

What kind of horses are used for Horse Riding in Gulmarg?

The horses used for Horse Riding in Gulmarg are typically well-trained, sturdy, and well-cared for.

What is the best time of year for Horse Riding in Gulmarg?

The best time for Horse Riding in Gulmarg is during the summer months, from May to September, when the weather is mild and pleasant.

What kind of terrain can I expect on a Horse Ride in Gulmarg?

The terrain for Horse Riding in Gulmarg can vary from gentle meadows to steep mountain slopes.

Are there any weight restrictions for Horse Riding in Gulmarg?

Yes, there are weight restrictions for Horse Riding in Gulmarg, usually around 90 kg, to ensure the safety and comfort of both the rider and the horse.

Is Horse Riding in Gulmarg safe?

Yes, Horse Riding in Gulmarg is generally considered safe as long as you follow the instructions of your professional guide and wear appropriate safety gear.