Hampi Gokarna Honnavar Trip From Mumbai & Pune
Hampi Gokarna Honnavar Trip From Mumbai & Pune
Hampi Gokarna Honnavar Trip From Mumbai & Pune
Hampi Gokarna Honnavar Trip From Mumbai & Pune

Hampi Gokarna Honnavar Trip From Mumbai & Pune

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Mumbai, Maharashtra

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About the Activity

Quick info:

  • Route: Mumbai/Pune - Hampi - Murudeshwar - Gokarna - Mumbai/Pune
  • Duration: 4 Nights & 5 Days
  • Start point: Mumbai/Pune
  • Endpoint: Mumbai/Pune
  • Routes covered: Mumbai/Pune, Hampi, Gokarna, Murudeshwar.

About Hampi, Gokarna & Murudeshwar:

  • From the ancient ruins of Hampi to the pristine beaches of Gokarna and the towering Shiva statue in Murudeshwar, this Mumbai/Pune tour will take you on a journey through time and nature's wonders.
  • Experience the perfect blend of history and leisure as you explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi, soak up the sun in Gokarna's idyllic beaches, and marvel at the breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea from the iconic Murudeshwar temple.

About Trip to Hampi, Gokarna & Murudeshwar from Mumbai or Pune: 

  • Get picked up from Mumbai via Cab according to no. of person and reach Pune by 07:00 PM on Friday Night and we will start pickup from Pune and start travelling through Bangalore.
  • We will reach Bangalore by 10 PM and start our journey towards Hampi from Bangalore and we will reach our destination early morning.
  • Enjoy a stunning sunset from the top of Anjaneya Hill, with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Hampi as you explore ancient temples, palaces, and other architectural marvels.
  • Trek to Paradise Beach and soak up the sun or take part in exhilarating water sports such as sea kayaking.
  • Marvel at the second-highest Shiva statue in the world and explore the beautiful Murudeshwar beach.
  • Embark on a memorable journey with a group of like-minded backpackers and make lifelong friendships.
  • Discover the lesser-known gems of the region as you explore offbeat places and hidden treasures.
  • Savour delicious local cuisine and indulge in authentic cultural experiences.
  • Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of backpacking, as you design your own itinerary and explore at your own pace.

Package Option

Trip from Pune by Tempo Taveller

8499 per person

Trip from Mumbai by Tempo Traveller

9499 per person

Trip from Pune by NON AC Sleeper Bus

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Trip from Mumbai by NON AC Sleeper Bus

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Trip from Pune by AC Sleeper Bus

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Trip from Pune by AC Sleeper Bus

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      Detailed Itinerary

      Know before you book

      Know Before You Go For Hampi Gokarna Murudeshwar Tour: 

      • Transportation: The trip includes transportation by air-conditioned vehicle for all transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary. However, flights or trains to Mumbai/Pune and back are not included.
      • Accommodation: The tour includes accommodation for 4 nights in comfortable hotels or resorts on a quad-sharing basis with breakfast.
      • Sightseeing: The tour includes sightseeing to all the major attractions in Hampi, Gokarna, and Murudeshwar with an English-speaking guide.
      • Photography: Photography is allowed at most places, but it's recommended to seek permission before clicking pictures at religious sites.
      • Mobile and Internet: Mobile coverage is available in most areas, but it's recommended to check with your service provider for international roaming charges. Wi-Fi is available in most hotels and resorts.
      • Shopping: The trip offers opportunities for shopping at local markets for souvenirs and handicrafts. Bargaining is common in Indian markets, so it's recommended to negotiate the price.
      • Alcohol: Alcohol is available at most places, but it's recommended to drink responsibly and not to drink and drive.
      • Customs and Etiquette: India has a rich cultural heritage, and it's recommended to respect local customs and traditions. It's also important to be aware of common etiquettes, such as removing shoes before entering religious sites and not touching holy objects with bare hands.
      • Emergency Contacts: The tour operator provides emergency contact numbers for any assistance required during the trip.
      • Gratuities: Tipping is not mandatory but is appreciated for good service. It's recommended to tip the guide and driver at the end of the trip.

      Things to Carry

      • Clothing Essentials
      • Comfortable Footwear
      • Snacks
      • Water Bottle
      • Portable Charger
      • Camera or Smartphone
      • Cash and Cards
      • UA Voucher

      Frequently Asked Quetions

      What are the major attractions to visit in Hampi?

      The major attractions in Hampi include the Virupaksha Temple, the Stone Chariot, and the Hampi Bazaar.

      What are the popular water sports activities available in Gokarna?

      The popular water sports activities in Gokarna include Banana boat rides, Jet skiing, and Parasailing.

      What is the dress code for visiting religious sites in India?

      It's recommended to dress modestly when visiting religious sites in India, covering your shoulders and knees.

      What is the language spoken in India?

      Hindi and English are the official languages of India, but there are many other languages spoken in different parts of the country.

      What are the must-try local dishes in Gokarna and Mumbai?

      In Gokarna, the must-try local dishes are seafood dishes like Fish Fry, Crab Curry, and Prawn Masala. In Mumbai, the famous street food Vada Pav is a must-try.

      What are the options for accommodation in Hampi, Gokarna, and Murudeshwar?

      There are various options for accommodation in Hampi, Gokarna, and Murudeshwar ranging from budget to luxury hotels, guesthouses, and homestays.

      What is the distance between Mumbai/Pune and Hampi, Gokarna, and Murudeshwar?

      The distance between Mumbai/Pune and Hampi is around 700 KM, and between Gokarna and Murudeshwar is around 80 KM.

      What is the local currency used in India, and where can I exchange my currency?

      The local currency used in India is the Indian Rupee (INR). You can exchange your currency at banks, airports, and authorized money changers.

      Is it Safe to travel alone in India?

      India is generally safe for solo travellers, but it's important to take necessary precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

      What are the transportation options available for travelling between Hampi, Gokarna, and Murudeshwar?

      The transportation options available for travelling between Hampi, Gokarna, and Murudeshwar include buses, taxis, and private cars.

      What are the Visa requirements for International travellers to India?

      International travellers need a valid passport and tourist visa to enter India.

      What are the options for shopping in Hampi, Gokarna, and Mumbai?

      Hampi and Gokarna are known for their handicrafts and traditional souvenirs, while Mumbai is famous for its street shopping and designer boutiques.

      What is the time difference between India and other countries?

      India is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT and varies based on the time zone of your country.

      What is tipping etiquette in India?

      Tipping is customary in India, and it's recommended to tip 10-15% in restaurants and 50-100 INR per day for hotel staff.

      What is the Best Time to take the Hampi Gokarna Murudeshwar Tour?

      The best time to take this trip is between July to October, during the monsoon months when the weather is cool and dry.