Devalia Park Safari by Jeep

Devalia Park Safari by Jeep

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Gir-Somnath, Gujarat

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About the Activity

Activity LocationDevalia Safari Park, Gujarat
Activity Duration55 Mins
Morning Slots07:00 AM | 08:00 AM | 09:00 AM | 10:00 AM
Evening Slots03:00 PM | 04:00 PM | 05:00 PM
Vehicle TypeJeep (Max 6 people)
Age LimitNo Age Limit

About Devalia, Gujarat:

  • In India, Gujarat is a state that boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage, along with a plethora of attractions for tourists. Among the most popular tourist destinations are the Rann of Kutch, the Sun Temple in Modhera, the stepwells of Adalaj and Rani Ki Vav, and the White Desert.
  • One such attraction is Gir, also known as Sasan Gir, which is a region located in western Gujarat that is most famous for the Gir National Park, home to a thriving population of Asiatic lions.

About the Devalia Park Safari by Jeep:

  • Visit to Devalia Safari Park is an exciting adventure that brings you into the heart of India's wildlife. 
  • Upon arriving at the park's entrance gate, you'll find our tour guide and reserved vehicle waiting for you. 
  • Our knowledgeable park guides will share fascinating information about the park's impressive biodiversity and conservation efforts. 
  • As you traverse Devalia scenic trails, you'll have the opportunity to observe a diverse range of wildlife. 
  • You could encounter herds of spotted deer and sambar deer grazing in the open meadows, while langurs swing from the trees above. 
  • The guides are adept at tracking their movements, and you'll keep a watchful eye out for any signs of these magnificent creatures such as Sambars, Chinkaras, Wild Boars, Blue Bulls, and Spotted Deer as you venture deeper into the park. 
  • The exhilaration of spotting a lion in its natural habitat is unparalleled. Their majestic presence and commanding demeanour are truly awe-inspiring. 
  • In addition to lions, you may also encounter other carnivorous animals such as leopards, hyenas, and jackals. 
  • For bird enthusiasts, there is a diverse range of avian species to be delighted by, including peafowls, owls, and various waterfowl near the park's water bodies. 
  • The landscape itself is a sight to behold, with rocky hills, dry riverbeds, and thickets of thorny vegetation. 
  • Devalia is not only about the animals, but it's also about immersing yourself in the untamed beauty of nature. 
  • As your Devalia Park safari draws to a close, you'll carry with you memories of the wilderness, the sounds of the wild, and the tranquil natural beauty that characterizes Devalia Safari Park.
  • It's an experience that creates a lasting impression and a deep appreciation for the significance of wildlife conservation efforts in safeguarding this unique ecosystem.

Package Option

Devalia Park Safari by Jeep (For Indians)

55 Mins

4200 per Jeep

Jeep Safari (For Foreigners)

55 Mins

16799 per Jeep

55 Mins
  • 55 Mins Jeep Safari
  • Comfortable Jeep Safari Experience
  • Permit Charges
  • Gypsy Charges
  • 6 Adults & 1 Child Allowed
  • Guide Charges
  • Any Food Expenses
  • Any Transportation Expenses
  • Any Personal Expenses

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • The forest department issues a limited number of entry permits for the safari every day on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • Each E-permit allows a maximum of six (+1*) people, with only one child between the ages of 3 to 12 allowed. 
  • The permit fee includes the guide charge, which must be paid in advance to confirm your booking. 
  • Only ten jeeps are allowed per slot of the safari ride, and a single permit allows only six people to visit the Devalia Safari Park.
  • You can obtain a permit up to three months in advance of your travel date, and it's mandatory to carry your original ID proof for entry at the gate. 
  • Please carry the same ID card that you used at the time of booking. 
  • Note that on-the-spot bookings for Devalia Safari are not possible, and once the permit is issued, no alterations or modifications are allowed.

Things to Carry

  • Identification Documents
  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Sun Protection
  • Water and Snacks
  • Binoculars
  • Camera

Frequently Asked Quetions

Is Devalia Park open in monsoon?

Yes the Devalia National park safari is open in monsoon.

How many lions are there in the Devalia National Park?

There are a total of 201 female, 106 male and 213 sub-adult lions in the Devalia Jungle Park.

Is Devalia Jungle Safari worth visiting?

Yes, Devalia Jungle Safari is worth visiting. You will have an experience of witnessing both animals and serene natural beauty.

What is the distance between Gir National Park and Devalia National Park?

There is a distance of 11 kms between Gir National Park and Devalia National Park.

Which is the nearest railway station to Devalia National Park?

The nearest railway station to the park is the Sasan railway station approximately 13 km away.

Are children allowed at Devalia national park?

Yes children are allowed at Devalia National park under the supervision of their parents.

Which time slot is best to visit the devalia jungle safari?

In the winter season, the afternoon safari provides better opportunities for spotting tigers as they tend to bask in the sun during this time. On the other hand, mornings are preferable during the summer season.

Is open jeep safari safe for visit?

Yes it is safe to visit the safari in an open jeep but it's safe if you sit and watch the animals from the back.

Are there bears in the Devalia National Park?

Yes there are sloth bears in the jungle. You will have an encounter with them during the safari.

What is the price of a Jeep Safari at Devalia Park?

The price of the jeep is INR 4200 which includes a maximum of 6 people.