Ziplining in Solang Valley, Manali
Ziplining in Solang Valley, Manali
Ziplining in Solang Valley, Manali
Ziplining in Solang Valley, Manali
Ziplining in Solang Valley, Manali

Ziplining in Solang Valley, Manali

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Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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What will you experience


10 Mins of Zipline


Certified Guide


Medical Facilities


50 Feet of Height


Feel the Adrenaline Rush


Exhilarating Thrilling View

About the Activity

Activity LocationSolang Valley, Shimla
Activity Height50 ft
Activity Duration10 Mins
Activity EnduranceEasy
Age Limit12 years above
Min. Weight Limit20 Kg

About Solang Valley, Manali:

  • A desirable snow-covered nirvana close to Manali, Solang Valley, commonly referred to as the "snow spot," is situated between Solang village and Beas Kund. At 8,500 feet above sea level, it offers a breathtaking view of alluring glaciers and snow-capped mountain peaks.
  • The place itself offers many exciting and adventurous activities one can do. One of the best places to visit with your family and have fun. Enjoy this thrilling ziplining activity and get once in a lifetime experience. 

About Zip Lining in Solang Valley, Manali:

  • Following this journey, you will arrive at the activity location, where the instructors will inform you of the activity.
  • Enjoy the exhilarating ziplining experience and reach heights of 50 ft while taking in the aerial vista.
  • You will be supervised at all times by an instructor with extensive training.
  • Together, you can zipline and make the best experiences.
  • Feel the adrenaline rush while you are hanging in the air and sliding with great speed.
  • Save the memories from your zip line adventure and end the action with a relaxing drop-off. 

Package Option


10 Mins

349 per person

10 Mins
  • 10 Mins of Zipline
  • Certified Guide
  • Safety Equipment
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • Reach according to the schedule, please.
  • The minimum and maximum ages for participation are 12 and 40, respectively.
  • The minimum and maximum weight requirements for participation are 20 kg and 130 kg, respectively.
  • The briefing, registration, getting ready, and the activity itself takes 45 Mins to an hour.
  • Every Indian citizen is required to carry a current, government-issued photo ID card, such as a passport, driver's license, voter ID, or Aadhar card.
  • At the airport, every foreign visitor must present their passport and visa information.
  • Do not wear a saree, and dress comfortably.
  • Certain activities are not advised for those who have had major surgery, a broken leg or arm, persistent back or neck discomfort, or who are more than three months pregnant for safety reasons. 
  • The business disclaims all liability for injuries, and all safety precautions will be properly considered.     

Things to Carry

  • Closed-Toe Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Camera
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What is ziplining?

Ziplining is an adventure activity that involves sliding down a steel cable, suspended between two points, using a harness and a pulley system. 

Where is Solang Valley located?

Solang Valley is located in Manali, a popular hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is approximately 13 kilometers northwest of Manali town.

How do I reach Solang Valley?

You can reach Solang Valley by road from Manali. It is easily accessible by taxis, local buses, or private vehicles. The nearest major airport is Bhuntar Airport, which is about 50 kilometers away from Manali.

Is ziplining safe?

Ziplining can be considered a relatively safe activity when conducted with proper safety measures and equipment. It is essential to follow the instructions provided by the zipline operators, wear the recommended safety gear, and adhere to weight and age restrictions. 

What is the duration of the ziplining experience?

The duration of the ziplining experience is 10 mins.

What are the age and weight restrictions for ziplining in Solang Valley?

The age limit is 12 years above and weight limit is min 20 kg.

Do I need any prior experience to go ziplining?

No prior experience is required for ziplining in Solang Valley. The activity is suitable for beginners, and trained instructors will provide the necessary guidance and safety instructions before the ride.

What should I wear for ziplining?

It is recommended to wear comfortable, lightweight clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Avoid loose-fitting clothes that may get entangled in the equipment. Wear sturdy closed-toe shoes or sports shoes to ensure a secure grip.

Can I take my camera or phone during ziplining?

It is generally not recommended to carry personal belongings such as cameras or phones during the zipline ride. However, some zipline operators may provide secure harness attachments for cameras or have staff members taking photos or videos that you can purchase afterward.

What are the charges for ziplining in Solang Valley?

The charges for ziplining can vary depending on the zipline operator, the length of the ride, and any additional services or packages offered. It is advisable to check with different operators to compare prices and choose the one that suits your budget and preferences.