Parasailing in Diu
Parasailing in Diu
Parasailing in Diu
Parasailing in Diu

Parasailing in Diu

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Diu, Gujarat

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What will you experience


Best Quality Equipment


Adrenaline Pumping Activity


Complimentary Speed Boat Ride


Expert & Experienced Instructor


1 KM of Flying Duration


Upto 200ft Gliding Height


Spectacular Views

About the Activity

Activity LocationGhogla Beach, Diu
Activity DurationUpto 20 Mins
HeightUpto 200ft
Parasailing Duration1 KM
Age LimitAbove 5+ Years
Weight LimitUpto 200 KG

About Ghogla Beach, Diu:

  • Located on the coast of Gujarat, Diu shines with history and beauty, a former trading post of the Arabian Sea, and Portuguese charm at Diu Fort. Tourist attractions with beaches, Ganeshwar Temple, and Festa De Diu.
  • The tranquil charm of Diu invites the adventurous to enjoy the thrill of Parasailing in Diu, on its sunny shores. Dive on turquoise waters, hooked up to a parachute and powered by a speedboat.

About Parasailing in Diu:

  • For a smooth experience, arrive at the Parasailing location 15 minutes early, receive a warm welcome, and complete the necessary registration.
  • Our certified instructors will provide a comprehensive briefing on the activity, covering safety guidelines, equipment usage, and key manoeuvres.
  • Operators are tasked with teaching specific safety procedures for Parasailing equipment, including harness attachment and hand signals.
  • Put on the life jacket and harness, making sure it fits properly and securely, and board a Parasailing boat with the help of our Experienced Crew.
  • Instructors and Operators will guide you through proper flight procedures, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Experience the thrill of Parasailing in Diu as you soar through the sky and admire the beautiful Ghogla Beach.
  • Embark on an extraordinary adventure with the affordable Cost of Parasailing in Diu, priced at 1500.
  • Immerse yourself in the feeling of flying 200 feet above sea level while enjoying the breathtaking view of Ghogla Beach in this exciting experience.
  • Safely descend to the boat, guided by our operators, and smoothly land on the water.
  • Gather together for a debriefing session, and share your Parasailing experience. Celebrate your journey with your partners and take in the memories.

Package Option

Jeep Parasailing

10 Mins

799 per person

Boat Parasailing

20 Mins

1499 per person

10 Mins
  • Experienced Instructor
  • 1 KM of Parasailing
  • Flying Duration: 2 to 3 Mins
  • Upto 120 ft High from Ground Level
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses
  • Videography & Photography


  • 10 Mins include Briefing, Waiting & Flying Time.
  • Max. 1 People can go at a Time in a Parasail.

Activity Location

Know before you book

Reporting Early:

  • Arriving at the venue early gives you enough time to complete paperwork, participate in safety briefings, and better prepare for your upcoming adventure.

Age and Weight Limits:

  • You must be at least 5+ years old to participate in Parasailing and the maximum weight requirement is 200 KG. 

Equipment & Gear:

  • Rest assured that all necessary tools and equipment will be provided and safely ensured before the Parasailing in Diu adventure begins.

Experienced & Trained Instructor:

  • A Trained Professional will accompany you throughout the course, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and enjoyable flying experience.

Follow the Instructions:

  • Listening to the instructions given by the Instructor is crucial.

Advance Booking: 

  • Parasailing in Diu is a popular activity, so it’s best to book your session in advance, especially during peak tourist season. This ensures that you secure the time and date you want.

Know Your Skill Level:

  • Prioritize your well-being by acknowledging your physical fitness and height comfort. Please communicate any medical conditions or concerns to our team to ensure a safe experience. 

Health and Fitness:

  • The following health conditions require pre-medical advice for active participation in Parasailing: 1) Giddiness 2) High Blood Pressure 3) Epilepsy 4) Pregnant Women 5) Acrophobia/Fear of Height 6) Heart Conditions.

Weather Awareness:

  • Parasailing is highly dependent on weather conditions. Operators may cancel or postpone the activity if weather conditions are not suitable.

Alcohol and Drugs:

  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs before Parasailing for a safe and responsible experience.

Things to Carry

  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Closed-Toe Shoes
  • Snacks and Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Camera
  • Valid ID Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

Is Water Parasailing in Ghogla Beach considered a safe activity?

Experience Water Parasailing in Ghogla Beach with confidence, as your safety is the top priority. Qualified instructors oversee the activity, ensuring a completely risk-free adventure.

What is the age limit for Water Parasailing at Ghogla Beach?

The minimum age required for Water Parasailing in Ghogla Beach is 5 years.

What is the Duration of Parasailing in Diu?

This activity is available from sunrise to sunset. So you can enjoy Parasailing anytime between Sunrise and Sunset.

Do you need any documents for the check-in process?

Yes ,While Check-in you should carry your Aadhar Card or any kind of Government- verified documents.

Can we take pictures while Parasailing in Diu?

Feel free to bring your camera or video equipment on the boat. However, we recommend using waterproof or disposable cameras during the flight for practical reasons.

What is the process for booking Water Parasailing in Ghogla Beach?

After clicking "Book Now," fill in the traveler information, including the number of people in your party, your travel date, and other data, and make the required payment. Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will be informed of the exact location of the activity as well as the pick-up time. If you have any questions, please call our toll-free number "8533812266".

What's the Cost of Parasailing in Ghogla Beach?

The cost for water parasailing in Ghogla Beach is INR 1,500, encompassing a 10-15 minute activity duration.

Is Parasailing suitable for individuals who are not proficient swimmers?

Yes, People who don't know how to swim can also enjoy the experience of Parasailing in Diu.

How long does it take to complete this activity?

The complete duration for water parasailing is approximately 30 to 40 minutes, encompassing a 15-minute speed boat ride.

What is the weight limit for Parasailing in Diu?

The established Weight limit for Parasailing in Diu is 200 kilograms.