Tyre Climbing in Hyderabad
Tyre Climbing in Hyderabad
Tyre Climbing in Hyderabad
Tyre Climbing in Hyderabad
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Tyre Climbing in Hyderabad

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30 minutesHyderabad,Telangana
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  • As you ascend and descend the tyre wall, your perception of gravity will change.
  • You can use both natural and artificial grips when rappelling your feet.
  • Your resolve will be put to the test by this challenging drill.
  • Take part in some thrill and adventure to break up the monotony of daily living.


Quick Info:-

  • Activity Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Height: 20 Feet
  • Only for Kids

About Hyderabad:

  • The Pearl Metropolis, Hyderabad, hypnotizes everyone who steps foot in this exquisite Nizams city with its unequalled blend of history and modernity. India's largest city, Hyderabad, with a history of 400 years, provides a distinct and delightful experience for all. There is plenty to keep you glued to the city: historical monuments, nature retreats, mouth-watering world-famous food, a wide variety of retail spaces, and exhilarating entertainment parks. 
  • The city of Hyderabad offers a wide range of tourist attractions for everyone, regardless of their age or interests. Families, groups of young friends, or older individuals will all find something to enjoy.


About the Tyre Climbing in Hyderabad:

  • Tyre Wall Climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport that frequently puts a climber's quality, consistency, nimbleness, and offset to the test, as well as his or her mental control.
  • It's a game that needs a high level of personality and body synchronisation. Climbing has a variety of physical and mental benefits.
  • A tyre wall climbing structure is a phoney climbing structure with hand and foot grips.
  • The climbing divider can be left in place or elevated for short periods of time.
  • It provides an ideal opportunity for people who are daring but are overworked, don't have the opportunity, or don't have access to such an office.
  • Climbing teaches people how to push themselves to the limit, not to yield, and to consistently aim higher.

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Additional Info

Know Before you go for Tyre Climbing in Hyderabad:

  • Tire climbing can be done by anyone of reasonable strength, albeit the average age to do so is 15.
  • There will be professional safety equipment and training available.
  • When participating in the workout, please wear athletic shoes.
  • Because the activity has a time limit and may be missed, timings should be closely adhered to.
  • People with back problems should avoid doing this activity.
  • Travelling when pregnant is not advised.
  • Use caution when using the equipment to avoid damaging it.
  • Alcohol consumption is not permitted.

How To Reach


By Air:You can arrive at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport(HYD) which is 8 KM away from the city centre. From the airport, you may avail the bus or the taxi services.

By Road:You can reach Hyderabad via road trips as it is well connected to all the adjacent states. Regular services of state roadways and private bus services are available.

By Train:You may arrive at Hyderabad Decan Railway Station(HYB) or Secunderabad Jn Railway Station(SC) or Kacheguda Railway Station(KCG) as per your convenience.

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