Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets - Today’s offer Rs.149 ( 26 % off)
Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets
Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets
Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets
Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets
Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets
Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets
Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets
Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets

Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park Tickets

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Gujarat, India

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About the Activity

Activity LocationHimatnagar in Derol, Gujarat
Opening and Closing Time9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
AttractionsWater Park and 35+ rides
Duration10 to 30 minutes (depending on activity)
Safety EquipmentProvided

About Tirupati Rushivan Park:

  • Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park, located 75 KM from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is a captivating destination boasting many exhilarating water rides and adrenaline-pumping attractions, where visitors revel in thrilling moments.
  • The park is nestled amongst picturesque surroundings and provides an ideal escape for families seeking a day of recreation and relaxation with action-packed adventures and serene strolls, catering to all interests.

About Adventures at Tirupati Rushivan Park:

  • Visitors arrive at the Tirupati Rushivan Park and get ready to indulge in unforgettable adventurous moments with their friends and family.
  • A diversity of rides suit all levels of adventure enthusiasts, from adrenaline rush on speedy Frisbee rides to Swing Chairs with exciting twists and turns.
  • Gentle, beautiful carousel and Ferris wheel rides offer a smooth and relaxing experience for all ages, especially delightful for younger kids.
  •  Wonders of the World recreated with the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Easter Islands add an element of fantasy, captivating the imagination of visitors.
  • Water slides offer a delightful escape from the scorching heat as visitors zoom through the refreshing water, laughter echoing in a splashing whirlwind.
  • Dirt Bikes, Dashing Cars, Monster Trucks, Columbus, Bungee Jumping and Scary Drives are other exhilarating activities that cannot be missed.
  • After spending a day in the park and its lively rides, visitors take back bags full of memories and countless moments spent with their loved ones.

Package Option

Entry Ticket

10-30 Mins

149 per person

Entry Ticket with Water Park

10-30 Mins

349 per person

10-30 Mins
  • Certified Guide
  • Inclusive of GST
  • Entry Fee to get Entry in the Water Park
  • Slides and Swimming Pool Access
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses
  • Anything Else than Inclusion

Activity Location

Know before you book

  • Always prioritise safety when participating in adventure sports by wearing all appropriate gear, including fitted life jackets, helmets and padded gear if necessary. 
  • Check age and height restrictions for various rides at Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park. Different activities have different age restrictions.
  • Follow the posted rules and regulations during activities to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings by creating an environment of appropriation and comfort for those around you.
  • Please pay attention to the safety briefing provided by the activity operators and follow their instructions while performing the activity. 
  • Some adventure sports might require a certain level of physical fitness hence consult a doctor if you have any health concerns or medical conditions before participating.
  • The sun and physical activity can dehydrate; drinking water and plenty of fluids is recommended to stay hydrated.
  • Apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and use sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun's rays.
  • Lastly, have a great day full of summer adventures and sip every moment to enjoy to the fullest!

Things to Carry

  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Water Bottle and Snacks
  • First-Aid Kit
  • ID Proof
  • Camera
  • UA Voucher

How To Reach

locationStarting Point:

Himatnagar in Derol, Gujarat

navigation Maps

Frequently Asked Quetions

Where is Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park located?

Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park is located 75 KM from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and is easily connected by transport facilities like cabs.

What kind of adventures does the park offer?

The park offers a diverse range of adventures, including thrilling rides, water slides, roller coasters, and various other adrenaline-pumping attractions.

Is Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park suitable for families?

Yes, the park is family-friendly and caters to visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for family outings and gatherings.

Are the rides safe and well-maintained?

Yes, the park prioritizes safety and ensures that all rides and attractions are well-maintained to provide a secure environment for visitors.

What are the park's operating hours?

The park's operating hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM providing ample time for visitors to enjoy the adventures.

Can visitors bring their own food and drinks to the park?

Outside food and drinks may not be allowed inside the park premises, but there are usually food stalls and restaurants available within the park.

Are there any height or age restrictions for certain rides?

Some rides may have height or age restrictions for safety reasons. The park ensures that these guidelines are followed to maintain a safe experience for all visitors.

Is there a separate water park area?

 Yes, Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park usually has a dedicated water park area with water slides and other water-based attractions.

Are there any special offers or discounts available for group visits?

The park may offer special packages or discounts for group visits, such as school trips or corporate outings. It's best to inquire with the park directly for details.

Can visitors purchase tickets online in advance?

Yes, many amusement parks, including Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park, offer online ticket booking options for convenience and to avoid long queues

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