Sundarban Luxury Cruise Kolkata
Sundarban Luxury Cruise Kolkata
Sundarban Luxury Cruise Kolkata
Sundarban Luxury Cruise Kolkata

Sundarban Luxury Cruise Kolkata

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Kolkata, West Bengal

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About the Activity

Activity LocationThe Sunderbans, A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Activity duration2 Nights 3 Days
Starting locationMillennium Park, 13 Strand Road, Kolkata
Cruise NameM.V Paramhamsa Cruiser
Fixed Departures18th Oct, 22nd Nov, 27th Dec 2024

About Sundarban:

  • A fascinating group of islands near the mouth of the Ganges River, the Sunderbans are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of their amazing waterways and mangrove forests, which are mysterious and beautiful. 
  • At each creek, the water's hue shifts from murky to emerald blue due to the extensive mangrove forests, meandering rivers, and lush Sundari trees, creating a captivating landscape. The waters span several kilometres in length.

About Sundarban Luxury Cruise Kolkata:

  • On Day 1 of the cruise, guests are welcomed aboard the M.V. Paramhamsa at 10:30 AM by the Crew Manager, followed by check-in and room allotment.
  • After refreshing with cool towels and welcome drinks at 11:00 AM, a security drill takes place. The cruise sets sail towards Sundarbans, the largest contiguous mangrove, allowing guests to settle into luxurious cabins and explore the vessel while navigating the historical banks of the Ganges.
  • Activities include relaxing on the sun deck, participating in onboard games, and enjoying the Bar Lounge. At 01:30 PM, a delicious lunch is served, complemented by scenic views. 
  • The morning begins at 6:00 AM with guests waking up to the refreshing mangroves' green air, and enjoying morning tea on board. The itinerary includes a visit to the Bhagvatpur crocodile project and bird watching.
  • At 9:30 AM, a hearty breakfast is served on board. Guests can view the confluence of "Saptomukhi" at 11:30 AM before setting sail back to Kolkata, accompanied by a movie on board. The choicest drinks are available at 01:30 PM, followed by a delicious lunch at the restaurant, and tea and snacks at 4:00 PM.
  • The cruise reaches Kolkata at 4:00 PM, and disembarkation takes place at Vivada Jetty at Millennium Park.

Package Option

Cruise Ride

2 Nights & 3 Days

39999 per Room

2 Nights & 3 Days
  • Accommodation on Twin Sharing
  • All Meals: (Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Evening Snacks, and Dinner)
  • Mineral Water & Soft Drinks
  • Shore Excursions
  • English Speaking Guide Charges
  • Entry Fees to the Forest Department/Historical Sites
  • Evening Placement
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Anything Else Than Inclusion
  • Entry Tickets
  • Any KInd of Drink


  • Children below 3 years of age are complimentary.
  • Children between 3 to 10 years of age should select Child Package.
  • The price is inclusive of 2 People in One Room.

Detailed Itinerary

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Safety Drills:

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Things to Carry

  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Travel Insurance Documents
  • ID Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What is Sundarban famous for?

The Sundarbans is famous for being the largest mangrove forest in the world, home to the Royal Bengal Tigers, and rich in biodiversity.

What are the main attractions in the Sundarbans, and are there guided tours available?

The primary attractions include the mangrove forests, the Royal Bengal Tigers, a variety of fauna, and picturesque canals. Yes, guided trips are offered.

What safeguards are in place for guests in light of wildlife, including Royal Bengal Tigers?

Guarded pathways, experienced guides, and stringent rules about keeping a safe distance from wildlife are examples of safety precautions. A popular and safe method to explore is with a boat cruise.

How may someone support the Sundarbans' conservation efforts?

Supporting regional conservation groups, participating in eco-friendly excursions, and raising awareness of the value of protecting the Sundarbans are all ways to contribute.

What are the primary issues that climate change and human activity have brought onto the Sundarbans?

Problems include deforestation, increasing salinity, rising sea levels, and the effect of climate change on the ecosystem's fragile balance.

Are some operations prohibited to safeguard the fragile Sundarbans ecosystem?

Indeed, to lessen the influence on the delicate ecology, there are limitations on fishing, the disposal of waste, and some forms of tourism.