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  • Water gushing down
  • Dudhsagar Falls with its amazing sights.
  • Pamper yourself 
  • An astounding journey
  • Almost 800 trekkers join us on this adventure.



Rajgad Fort (near Pune, India) is one of Sahaydris' most magnificent forts. For 26 years, it was Shivaji Maharaj's capital. This fort should be on everyone's trekking/adventure bucket list. The Padmavati temple, which can accommodate 50 people, is where one must remain. Throughout the year, water tanks deliver water.

About the Activity:

  • When the opulence fades, the journey will become more adventurous! ..NO washrooms seem like a letdown when it comes to making a selection! ...However, you must be prepared to hike these two magnificent forts! .. Yes, even if we don't have toilets, we can answer nature's calls by staying in the woods! It's a bit difficult on Day 1, but by the time Day 2 begins, it's a trekking style (as opposed to a lifestyle). ...we had almost 800 trekkers join us on this adventure! you can, too!
  • RAIGAD is a regal and magnificent trip to a Fort originally occupied by Shivaji Maharaj himself, as its name suggests. The fort's fascinating beauty and history, as well as the verdant Sahyadri range that surrounds it, are well worth every aching muscle.


  • Your Journey to One of the Top 3 Sahyadri Treks Starts Today
  • Meet your fellow Adventurers at Station who are going to be an element of your memorable trek for the subsequent three days! 

DAY 01 Rajgad - Hike thru Green Meadows to Reach this Magnificent FORT

  • Before we get down you ought to solution all nature calls(Basic Fresh Up)
  • 8  AM ΓÇô We will attain Pune that's the Gateway of SO many Sahyadri Treks! 
  • 8-15 AM ΓÇô Our car could be ready out of doors of the station for us to Drop at RAJGAD BASE VILLAGE
  • 9-00 AM ΓÇô it's Breakfast Time. Typical Maharashtra Style Breakfast POHA & VADAPAVΓǪDon't count on idli dosa vada sambar.
  • 11-00 AM ΓÇô Reach Base Village and A Mandatory Briefing could be achieved through our Trek Leader to make certain occasions pass easily and safely! 
  • 11-30 AM ΓÇô The Hike in the direction of Rajgad citadel press starts!.. Remember that is a set trek we can pass as a set primarily based totally on common organization speed!ΓǪ We won't go away every person in the back of and we won't permit every person to head beforehand of organizer!ΓǪ This guarantees the safety of our organization!..
  • 11 30 AM ΓÇô 3 PM ΓÇô Hike time .. En route you may seize suitable glimpses of Landscapes and portraits! 
  • 4 PM ΓÇô Reach Rajgad citadelress Padmavathi Temple! After Chai time we can visit Bhale Kehilla(the Highest Point of Rajgad)
  • 6 PMΓÇô Reach returned to the temple (We will live right here for the night!)
  • Dinner could be Arranged through HTC 
  • Distance we Trek ΓÇô 6KM
  • Food ΓÇô could be organized through nearby villagers (Typical Maharashtra Style)

DAY 02- RAJGAD to TORNA - This is the Day

  • 5 AM ΓÇô Wake up the name and it's time to reply to your all nature calls with withinside nature!
  • 6-30AM ΓÇô After answering all nature calls its time to load Carbs (Breakfast time ΓÇô POHA Chair)
  • 7-00 AM ΓÇô Our Mesmerizing Hike in the direction of Torna starts! 
  • 12-00 PM ΓÇô Lunch Break as we want greater Carbs to Reach Torna 
  • 1-00 PM ΓÇô Trek Resumes 
  • 6-00 PM ΓÇô Reach Mahadev Mandhir at Torna We will live on this temple! 
  • 8-00 PM ΓÇô Dinner time observed through a Very Good Night! 
  • Distance we Trek ΓÇô 14 KM
  • Food ΓÇô could be organized through nearby villagers (Typical Maharashtra Style)
  • Breakfast, Packed Lunch & dinner could be blanketed through HTC 


  • 5 AM ΓÇô Wake up the name again ΓǪ It's Time to reply to nature calls! 
  • 6 AM ΓÇô Quick Breakfast and trek in the direction of the base Village 
  • 11 AM ΓÇô Reach base Village and board our car to PUNE
  • By nighttime Reach Pune and seize the Train to HYD 

DAY 4- It's Time to Say completely Good-Bye to Reconnect Again!

  • Early Morning Reach HYDΓǪTata Bye Bye for Now!


  • 2 Nights Stay in Tents
  • Meals on all Days of Trek
  • English and Hindi speaking Guide
  • Safety Equipments also included
  • Treking Equipments also included
  • Transportation also included 

Not Included

  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Transportation Expenses

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Additional Info

Know Before You Go for ROYAL RAJGAD TREK:

  • Alcohol consumption/ smoking tobacco/ weed is exactly prohibited throughout the complete occasion!
  • Please do now no longer clutter any plastic (biscuit percent covers, sweet wrappers, etc.). We decide to preserve our activities pollute free.
  • The organizer has a proper to cancel the player slot.
  • Please do now no longer motive postpone and motive inconvenience for others and affect the schedule.
  • Below 18 need to take the consent of the mother and father to participate.
  • Participants can be notified previous to whilst the itinerary is modified/ occasion gets canceled because of any unexpected circumstances.
  • If there may be a surprising alternate in climate throughout the occasion, the organizer has the proper to withdraw/ retreat.
  • Participants must coordinate, disciplined, and align collectively as a crew throughout the occasion.
  • Please do now no longer assume luxurious centers and recognize being cooperative with fellow Participants
  • Though we guarantee protection as a pinnacle priority, Event Organizers aren't accountable for any excessive accidents or deadly activities.
  • No refund can be supplied if the player doesnΓÇÖt display up on the day of the occasion.

How To Reach


By Air:Pune airport(PNQ) is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the city. Outside the airport, one can easily get a taxi or a bus service to reach the city.

By Road:Pune is well linked with major parts of the country and it connects to the other cities in Maharashtra as well. Major bus services are offered by state-run buses. One can also take a taxi.

By Train:Pune Junction Railway Station(PUNE) is one of the important railway junctions. The city connects with major other cities in the country. From station, cab and taxi services are available.

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