River Rafting Statue of Unity
River Rafting Statue of Unity
River Rafting Statue of Unity
River Rafting Statue of Unity
River Rafting Statue of Unity
River Rafting Statue of Unity
River Rafting Statue of Unity
River Rafting Statue of Unity

River Rafting Statue of Unity

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Ahemdabad, Gujarat

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What will you experience


Thrilling experience


Exhilarating water sport


Adrenaline charged experience


Stunning natural beauty


Picturesque landscapes


Professional crew members

About the Activity

Raft Start LocationShrestha Bharat Bhavan Start Khalwani
Raft End LocationSuryani
Pickup & Drop LocationKhalwani, Suryani, near Statue of Unity
Total Duration2.5 Hours
Activity Timings08 AM | 10 AM | 01 PM | 03 PM
Age Limit14 to 55 Years
Weight LimitUpto 100 KG
Distance Covered4.5 KM

About Ahmedabad:

  • Ahmedabad, a city located on the banks of the Sabarmati River in Gujarat attracts a lot of travellers because of its vibrant culture, tranquil temples and architectural marvels.
  • Among these attractions lies the adventure of the Statue of Unity River Rafting in the Narmada River through thrilling rapids, creating an unforgettable and adrenaline-rushed experience. 

About Rafting in Ahmedabad:

  • Your adrenaline-rushing experience will start by travelling to the spot of the River Rafting Statue of Unity near the Narmada River, Statue of Unity.
  • You can either reach all by yourself or there will be a cab facility provided if you have booked for that.
  • After reaching the location of the start point of Rafting you will our crew members who will brief you about the safety briefings of the activity.
  • You will be provided with the safety gear necessary to wear during rafting and you will climb on the raft, the ride will be 30 minutes.
  • As you start paddling and flowing with the waves you will experience yourself surrounded by the natural beauty of the river.
  • The route will take you through challenging stretches and serene water ensuring a thrilling adventure overall.
  • During the ride you will experience the role of teamwork together as you paddle the raft through hard-flowing water.
  • As the ride ends you will be packed with an adrenaline rush having the experience of a lifetime.

Package Option

Rafting (4.5 KM)

2.5 Hours 4.5 Kms.

999 per person

2.5 Hours 4.5 Kms.
  • 4.5 KM of Rafting
  • Experienced Guide
  • Pickup & Drop Facility
  • 4 Grade Rapids
  • Up to 2.5 Hours of activity
  • Best Quality Gear
  • Scenic Views
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Food Expenses
  • Anything not Mentioned on Inclusions


  • The Total Duration of this thrilling activity is 2.5 Hours which includes the safety briefing, the activity duration is 45 mins.
  • Monday is not operational, depends on a website if rafting slots are available

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Know before you book

Health and Fitness:

  1. It is always advisable to consult a physician before planning a River Rafting trip. Check if you are in perfect health or if there is any medical condition that needs to be addressed.

Experienced Guides:

  • We have experienced wilderness and Rafting guides who have spent years on the river. It is important to pay attention to our guides, whether or not you have done white-water Rafting before.

Safety Gear:

  • Always keep your helmet on and minimise the risk of injury. Keep your life jacket on and fastened, even when going through calm waters. These items not only help keep you afloat but also make it easier for the guides to pull you back into the raft if you fall out. 

Clothing and Footwear:

  • Wear waterproof and anti-chafing clothes that will act as a barrier between you and the raft. Avoid cotton, which takes a long time to dry and pulls the heat away from the body.

Book Carefully:

  • Must visit our website and check the inclusions/ exclusions provided in the package before making your booking.

Advance Booking:

  • It is important to pre-book your trip to ensure that you have a spot on the trip of your choice, especially during peak seasons when trips tend to fill up quickly.

Leave Valuable Behind:

  • Keep valuable items, including electronics and jewellery, in a safe place. Most River Rafting trips provide a waterproof bag for essentials like car keys and small cameras.

Age Restrictions:

  • To ensure the safety and comfort of the individuals and the group a minimum age requirement for participants is between 14 to 55 years.

Weight Limits:

  • The weight limit for Rafting in the Statue of Unity is up to 100 KG.

Alcoholic Restrictions:

  • It's not recommended to consume alcohol before River Rafting, as Alcohol consumption can increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

Weather conditions:

  • It's important to check the weather forecast before your Rafting trip and be prepared for any possible changes in the schedule.

Things to Carry

  • Quick-Dry Clothing
  • Water Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Water Bottle
  • Waterproof Camera
  • River Map
  • Towel
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What is the Cost of this activity?

The per-person price of the Statue of Unity River Rafting is around 1000 INR. So bring along your friends and family for this thrilling adventure.

Which River passes near the Statue of Unity?

The Narmada River passes near the Statue of Unity which serves as a perfect destination for thrill seekers to try river rafting.

What is the Duration of Rafting Ride in Ahmedabad?

The total Duration of your River Rafting at the Statue of Unity ride is 2.5 Hours which includes a safety briefing also and will take you through amazing sceneries and rapid flows of the river.

What are the Operational Timings for this activity?

The opening time is 8:00am and the closing time is 6:00pm of the Statue of Unity park.

Is the Statue of Unity park open on Monday's?

No, the Statue of Unity park remains closed on monday's. You can visit the park other days of the week.

Is River Rafting Safe in Ahmedabad?

Yes, the River Rafting in Ahmedabad is absolutely safe with trained and experienced crew members you will have a great and safe experience.

Is this activity Weather Dependent?

No, River Rafting at the Statue of Unity is not suitable for the rainy season weather as high winds and water flow are dangerous for safety purposes.

Are there any Age restrictions for children?

Yes, there may be some age and fitness requirements which you need to fulfil for the activity. The restrictions depend on the operator.

How many people can go at one time for Rafting?

8 people are allowed in one raft during rafting as the maximum capacity of the boat is 8.

How long is River Rafting at the Statue of Unity?

The River Rafting is about 4.5 km near the Statue of Unity. This stunning stretch part of the Narmada River provides the best rafting experience in Ahmedabad.

What is the best Time to visit the Statue of Unity?

The best time to visit the Statue of Unity is around the period from October to February. This period offers cool and pleasant weather.

Are private vehicles allowed in the Statue of Unity?

No, private vehicles are not allowed in the Statue of Unity.

How can you reach to the Statue of Unity?

You can reach the Statue of Unity from Ahmedabad in 3-4 hours by taxi or any public transportation.

Is River Rafting Statue of Unity available?

Yes, River Rafting is available at the Narmada River near the Statue of Unity.

Is offline Booking available for River Rafting in Ahmedabad?

Yes, offline booking is also available for the River Rafting Statue of Unity in Ahmedabad but it is suggested that you should book online to get a smoother experience.