River Crossing in Kolad
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River Crossing in Kolad

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30 minutesKolad,Maharashtra
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  • Enjoy the stunning flora and fauna, as well as the scenery.
  • You may be sure that this exercise will make you happy inside.
  • You'll think you're in heaven because of the river's serenity.
  • Participate in one of the most relaxing activities you can find.


Quick Info:-

  • Activity Location: Kolad, Maharashtra
  • Activity Duration: 10-15 mins
  • Timings: Morning to sunset

About Kolad:

  • Kolad, a scrubby village on the bank of the Kundalika River in Maharashtra's tureen, has blessedly shaped its distinctiveness in the category of adventurous activities. River crossing in the pure waters of the Kundalika River is one of the top adventure trips in Kolad. As soon as the water from the Rawal dam is released after morning, the organisers are on the move to provide the travellers with an unforgettable experience. As the river rushes through the rocky terrain of forested hills and irrigated farms, the travellers don't let this opportunity to admire the gush slip from their grasp.

About the River Crossing in Kolad:

  • Visit Kolad to get a taste of river crossing at its finest. 
  • The water running in the river with young waves over the massive black boulders, making a passionate roar, is eager to present you with some life-long memories.
  • The Kundalika River's peaceful and quiet waters provide the perfect setting for this fantastic ten-minute river crossing adventure. 
  • You must cross the river using specialist equipment attached on a suspended rope in this adventure. 
  • Adventure seekers prefer signing up for this activity to test their stamina and strength while having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
  • The activity is completely safe because it is carried out under the supervision of qualified instructors.
  • These activities provide thrills and excitement by allowing you to cross the river using a suspended rope, pulleys, and harness.


  • River Crossing(10-15  mins)
  • Inclusive of GST  
  • Certified Guide    

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  • Any Kind of Personal Expenses
  • Videography & Photography
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Additional Info

Know Before you go for River Crossing in Kolad:

  • Our instructor will guide you in Rive Crossing in Kolad. You are tied with a safe rope and its other end is in the hands of your instructor.
  • Listen to the instructor carefully and abide by it till the end. 
  • Do not take your own decision as you may not be aware of the depth of the River.
  • Wear life saving jackets to save you. Ensure you are medically fit to cross the River.
  • Inform our team earlier if you are not convenient for the activity.
  • Alcohol consumption and heavy meal ingestion are not ideal before the commencement of the River Crossing in Kolad.


How To Reach


By Air:The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport(BOM) is the closest airport to Kolad which is 125 KM from Kolad. You may get to Kolad by taxi, bus, or train from here.

By Road:The most preferred way of reaching Kolad from popular Mumbai is either by self-drive car or by taxi. You can also board buses plying from Mumbai to Ratnagiri and get down at Kolad.

By Train:The Kolad Railway Station(KOL) is linked to the Mumbai Central Station and all of Maharashtra's main cities. The Kolad railway line is part of the Konkan Railways, which offers breathtaking scenery.

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