Rifle Shooting in Coorg
Rifle Shooting in Coorg
Rifle Shooting in Coorg
Rifle Shooting in Coorg
Rifle Shooting in Coorg

Rifle Shooting in Coorg

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Coorg, Karnataka

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Exciting Rifle Shooting Activity

About the Activity

Activity LocationKundanahalli Village, Kushalnagar, Coorg
No. of Shots10
Activity EnduranceEasy
Opening Time09:00 AM
Closing Time06:00 PM

About Coorg:

  • Coorg also referred to as the Scotland of India, lives up to an alluring combination of history, elegance, adventure, and delectable cuisine. This well-known coffee-producing hill station is recognized for its breathtaking scenery, grandeur, and location along the western ghats.  
  • Participate in this captivating activity and test your skills. Enjoy the engaging activity with your friends and family and capture the happy moments. 

About Rifle Shooting in Coorg:

  • Arrive at the site and get advice from our expert on the dos and don'ts as well as safety precautions. Away from the stressful occurrences, take pleasure in some exhilaration.
  • Your hand-eye coordination will be put to the test by this enjoyable activity. Step-by-step instructions on safe shooting techniques will be provided by the instructor.
  • Before the action, even if you're pretty frightened, you'll have plenty of time to calm down.
  • Rifle Shooting is a fascinating activity that you may now start playing. Each time you shoot will boost your confidence, even if you're still afraid.
  • As your confidence rises as a result of learning and perfecting a new ability, you'll feel happier and more at ease.
  • As you shoot the perfect shot, bull's eye, record the moment and capture the pictures to share with your family and friends and savor for a lifetime. 

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Rifle Shooting

Safety Equipment Provided Exciting Rifle Shooting Activity

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Safety Equipment Provided Exciting Rifle Shooting Activity
  • 10 Shots of Rifle Shooting
  • Safety Gear
  • Instructions from an Expert
  • Any Travel Expenses
  • Any Personal Expenses

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • At a shooting range, eye protection is required by safety regulations. It aids in defending you against brass, which might injure your eyes.
  • In an outdoor range or an indoor range with bright lights, keep your sights covered.
  • You can manage the recoil and keep the pistol steady while you squeeze the trigger by using a strong grip.
  • You should probably give your wrist location a close examination if you frequently jam.
  • Be sure to properly wash your hands with soap after firing to get rid of any lead residue you may have picked up from the primers or the dust from the bullet.
  • Check the rifle if it's loaded before shooting.

Things to Carry

  • Snacks
  • Water Bottle
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What is the cost of rifle shooting in Coorg?

The cost of rifle shooting in Coorg is 100/-

Where can I go for rifle shooting in Coorg?

Coorg offers several shooting ranges where you can experience rifle shooting. 

Do I need any prior experience to try rifle shooting in Coorg?

No, prior experience is not necessary. The shooting ranges in Coorg cater to both beginners and experienced shooters. Trained instructors will guide you on the proper techniques and safety measures.

Where can I go for rifle shooting in Coorg?

There are several shooting ranges and clubs in Coorg where you can try rifle shooting. One popular option is the Madikeri Rifle Club, located in Madikeri town.

What types of rifles are available for shooting in Coorg?

The most common rifles used for shooting in Coorg are .22 caliber rifles. These are lightweight and easy to handle, making them suitable for beginners.

Do I need any prior experience or a license to try rifle shooting in Coorg?

No prior experience or license is required to try rifle shooting in Coorg. The shooting ranges usually have instructors who can provide basic training and guidance to beginners. 

Are there any age restrictions for rifle shooting in Coorg?

No, there is no age limit for rifle shooting in Coorg

Can I bring my own rifle for shooting in Coorg?

In most cases, you can bring your own rifle for shooting in Coorg. However, it is important to confirm with the shooting range or club beforehand if they allow personal firearms. 

Is rifle shooting in Coorg safe?

Rifle shooting in Coorg is generally safe as long as you follow all safety guidelines and instructions provided by the shooting range or club. It is crucial to listen to the instructors, handle firearms responsibly, and use proper safety equipment such as ear and eye protection.

Can I book a rifle shooting session in advance?

Yes, it is recommended to book your rifle shooting session in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.