Rafting in Dandeli
Rafting in Dandeli
Rafting in Dandeli
Rafting in Dandeli
Rafting in Dandeli

Rafting in Dandeli

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Dandeli, Karnataka

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What will you experience


40 Mins/3 Hours/6 Hours of Rafting


Grade 2 and Grade 3 Rapids


Professional Instructor


Feel the Adrenaline Rush

About the Activity

Activity LocationRiver Kali, Dandeli
Activity Duration40 Mins/3 hours/6 hours
Activity EnduranceModerate
Activity Distance 1.2 km/6 km/9km
No of People on Board6-8
Minimum Age12+
Maximum Age60

About Dandeli:

  • A well-liked location for adventure activities in Karnataka is the little town of Dandeli. One such activity that draws people interested in adventure and excitement all year long is rafting on the Dandeli River. 
  • Take part in this heart-pounding adventure as you soar over the River Kali's raging splashes while taking in the tranquil vistas of its beautiful, evergreen surroundings. Together with your friends, experience the excitement of river rafting and make unforgettable memories.

About Rafting in Dandeli: 

  • Arrive at the location and then be picked up. The activity's beginning site will afterwards be brought to your attention.
  • Prepare yourself for this enjoyable river rafting trip in Dandeli by listening to your instructor's briefing.
  • Utilize the chance to raft across the Kali river's raging rapids with top-notch equipment. Select from 3 different lengths of rafting: long (9 km), medium (6 km), or short (1.2 km).
  • You will travel through rapids and long lengths of water on this exhilarating downstream journey. To provide a safer experience, the activity will be carried out with the aid of a qualified teacher. 
  • The river's course is lined by lush trees, and it has several grades 2 and grade 3 rapids, which provide an amazing rafting experience.
  • While enjoying the adventure don't forget to capture the beautiful moments with your loved ones and savour them forever.

Package Option

Short Rafting

Short Rafting

549 per person


Booked 200 times

Medium Rafting

Medium Rafting

1449 per person

Long Rafting

Long Rafting

1599 per person

Short Rafting
  • 1.5 KM of Rafting
  • 1 Rapid
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • Pay close attention to the instructor's directions.
  • Put on relaxed clothing. Avoid tight apparel.
  • Alcohol is not permitted inside or during the activity.
  • This activity is not advised for anyone who has undergone major surgery, has a broken leg or arm, suffers from chronic back or neck discomfort is more than three months pregnant, or has any of the aforementioned conditions.
  • Any person deemed unsuited to participate in the activity may be rejected by the instructor at their sole discretion.
  • Weather conditions may cause the event to be postponed or delayed. In this case, the next ideal time slot will be communicated.
  • Carrying any sharp objects, lighters, bags, etc. is not permitted.
  • Video services are available for an extra fee, which must be paid in cash on the spot. 

Things to Carry

  • Quick-Dry Clothing
  • Water Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Water Bottle
  • Waterproof Camera
  • River Map
  • Towel
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

Where is Dandeli located?

Dandeli is a town located in the Uttara Kannada district of the state of Karnataka in India. 

What is special about rafting in Dandeli?

Dandeli is known for its thrilling white water rafting experience on the Kali River. The river offers a perfect setting for adventure enthusiasts with its rapids ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 3.

Is rafting in Dandeli safe?

Rafting in Dandeli is generally safe, but it's essential to follow safety instructions provided by the rafting operators. Make sure to wear safety gear, listen to your instructor, and be aware of the river conditions.

What is the best time for rafting in Dandeli?

The best time for rafting in Dandeli is during the monsoon season, which typically lasts from June to September. The water levels are higher, and the rapids are more challenging during this time.

How long does a rafting trip in Dandeli usually last?

A typical rafting trip in Dandeli lasts for about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the length of the rafting stretch you choose.

What is the minimum age requirement for rafting in Dandeli?

The minimum age requirement for rafting in Dandeli is 12 yrs above.

Do I need any prior experience to go rafting in Dandeli?

No prior experience is required for rafting in Dandeli. The rafting operators provide necessary instructions and safety gear, making it suitable for beginners as well.

Can non-swimmers go rafting in Dandeli?

Yes, non-swimmers can go rafting in Dandeli. Each participant is provided with a life jacket, and the guides are trained to handle emergency situations.

Are there different difficulty levels available for rafting in Dandeli?

Yes, there are different rafting stretches available in Dandeli, ranging from easier Class 2 rapids to more challenging Class 3 rapids. 

Are there any other adventure activities available in Dandeli?

Yes, apart from rafting, Dandeli offers various adventure activities like kayaking, canoeing, ziplining, trekking, and camping. You can enjoy a range of thrilling experiences in the beautiful natural surroundings of Dandeli.