Paragliding in Gulaba, Manali
Paragliding in Gulaba, Manali
Paragliding in Gulaba, Manali
Paragliding in Gulaba, Manali
Paragliding in Gulaba, Manali
Paragliding in Gulaba, Manali
Paragliding in Gulaba, Manali

Paragliding in Gulaba, Manali

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Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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What will you experience


7 to 15 Mins of Paragliding


Certified Instructor


Feel the Adrenaline Rush


3500 Metre of Height


Capture the Memories


360° of Bird's Eye View

About the Activity

Activity LocationGulaba, Manali
Operational Timing09:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Total Duration45 Mins (Inc. Flying Time, Briefing, etc)
Flying Duration7 to 15 Mins
Age Limit15 Years Above
Weight LimitBelow 100 KG

About Gulaba, Manali:

  • The charming natural setting of Gulaba, a charming little village about 20 kilometres outside of Manali on the way to Rohtang Pass, draws a lot of people. The natural beauty of Gulaba is a pleasure for the weary soul and shouldn't be missed by anyone.
  • The place itself offers many exciting and adventurous activities one can do. One of the best places to visit with your family and have fun. Enjoy this thrilling Paragliding activity and get once in a lifetime experience.   

About Paragliding in Gulaba, Manali:

  • Stop at the Gulaba paragliding booth. Get picked up and have an exciting jeep ride to the take-off location, which is located at an altitude of about 3500 Metre and meet the guide.
  • After being briefed on the dos and don'ts of the activity, head to the takeoff area and get ready for the flight.
  • Get a breathtaking view of the Himalayan highlands all around by taking off from Manali's highest gliding point.
  • Flying through the air provides a tremendous adrenaline rush and the opportunity to explore the scenery below from a bird's eye perspective. 
  • The experience is a distinctive way to visit this vibrant place. Feel the thrills as you take in the overhead perspective of the wide fields and Valleys. 
  • Before every flight, the equipment is also examined for any problems because the safety of the pilot and fellow passengers is of the utmost significance. Make tons of memories and return safely.    

Package Option


7 to 15 Mins

3499 per person

7 to 15 Mins
  • 7 to 15 Mins of Flying Duration
  • Certified & Licensed Pilot
  • 3500 Metre of Height
  • Best Quality Safety Gears
  • Spectacular Views of Gulaba
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses
  • Videography: INR 500


  • Flying Time Depends on Weather Conditions.
  • 45 Mins is included in Flying Time, Briefing, etc.

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • When making a reservation, confirmation will be sent.  
  • Pregnant women shouldn't perform the activity. 
  • A person should not suffer from any major medical ailments, including cardiac issues. 
  • Travellers should be in reasonable physical condition.
  • The activity is based on weather conditions. If the weather is not suitable, the activity will be cancelled and it will be either shifted or refunded.
  • Children under the age of 15 cannot take part in the activity. 
  • Please wear comfortable, light attire, and flat-soled shoes. 
  • The charge can not be held accountable for any accidents and all protection measures can be taken into due attention.
  • Avoid heavy food or alcoholic beverages before or after the activity. 
  • The instructor reserves the right to refuse any participant deemed unfit to participate in the activity.      

Things to Carry

  • Wear Comfortable Cloth
  • Long Trousers
  • Wear Sports Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera/Phone
  • Valid ID Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

How long does a paragliding session last?

The paragliding session lasts for 7 to 15 mins.

How much does paragliding cost in Gulaba, Manali?

Paragliding cost in Gulaba, Manali for 3499/-

What is Gulaba, Manali?

Gulaba is a picturesque village located about 22 kilometers from Manali, a popular tourist destination in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on the way to the Rohtang Pass and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Can I go paragliding in Gulaba, Manali?

Yes, paragliding is a popular adventure activity in Gulaba, Manali. The area's natural beauty and favorable wind conditions make it an excellent spot for paragliding.

Is prior experience required for paragliding in Gulaba, Manali?

No, prior experience is not required for paragliding in Gulaba, Manali. The activity is open to beginners as well as experienced paragliders. You'll be accompanied by a trained pilot who will guide you throughout the flight.

What is the best time for paragliding in Gulaba, Manali?

The best time for paragliding in Gulaba, Manali is during the summer and autumn months, from May to October. The weather during this period is generally clear with mild temperatures, making it ideal for flying.

What are the different types of paragliding flights available?

In Gulaba, Manali, you can typically choose between tandem flights and solo flights. Tandem flights involve flying with an experienced pilot who controls the paraglider, allowing you to enjoy the experience without any prior training. Solo flights are for experienced paragliders who have their own equipment and are qualified to fly independently.

Is paragliding safe in Gulaba, Manali?

Paragliding, like any adventure activity, involves certain risks. However, if you choose a reputable paragliding operator with experienced pilots and follow their instructions, the activity can be relatively safe.

Are there any age or health restrictions for paragliding?

The age limit is 15 years above and the weight limit is below 100 KG.