Banana Ride in Diu
Banana Ride in Diu
Banana Ride in Diu
Banana Ride in Diu
Banana Ride in Diu

Banana Ride in Diu

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Nagaon Beach, Diu

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What will you experience


Trained Experts


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1 KM of Boat Ride


Dip in to Water

About the Activity

Activity LocationGhogla Beach, Diu
Activity Timings08:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Activity Duration10 Mins (Incl. Briefing, Waiting, Ride Duration)
Boat Capacity7 People in a Boat
Weight LimitNo Weight Limit
Age LimitAbove 5+ Years

About Ghogla Beach, Diu:

  • Nestled at a short 8 Km distance from Bucharwada village, Nagoa Beach creates a picturesque haven with pristine quality. Immerse yourself in the excitement of its Water Activities in Diu to make moments.
  • Experience the thrill with a Banana Boat Ride amidst the crystal-clear waters. Feel the wind, enjoy the splash, and let the adventure unfold in this paradise-like setting. Perfect for solo adventurers or groups.

About the Banana Boat Ride in Diu:

  • Upon arrival, expect a warm welcome from our team. We understand the importance of imparting essential information and instructions to ensure your safety and enjoyment during the activity.
  • Before the Banana Boat Ride begins, you'll receive a comprehensive briefing on the activity. Our experienced guides will explain the necessary safety measures and provide instructions, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the adventure ahead.
  • Your safety is our priority. Before embarking on the Banana Boat Ride, we'll provide you with a snug-fitting life jacket. This ensures not only your safety but also peace of mind, allowing you to fully embrace the thrill of the experience.
  • Our Banana Boat can accommodate up to 7 people, making it a perfect group activity. Whether you're with family, friends, or colleagues, everyone gets to share in the joy and excitement.
  • As the boat gently glides through the water, soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Whether it's a serene lake, a winding river, or a coastal area.
  • Cherish the moments spent on the Banana Boat Ride as you create long-lasting memories with your group. The shared laughter, the adrenaline-fueled excitement, and the beautiful surroundings of Nagoa Beach will be etched in your memory of Adventure Activities in Diu.
  • The Banana Boat Ride provides ample opportunities for capturing candid moments of joy, surprise, and pure fun. Document your adventure and relive the experience through photos and videos.

Package Option

Banana Boat Ride

10 Mins

499 per person

10 Mins
  • Experienced Instructor
  • 1 KM of Banana Boat Ride
  • Complimentary Life Jackets
  • Dip into the Water from Boat
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses
  • Videography & Photography


  • 10 Mins include Briefing, Waiting & Ride Time.
  • Max. 7 People can go at a Time in a Banana Boat.

Activity Location

Know before you book

Health Conditions:

  • Before embarking on a Banana ride, ensure you meet health requirements for a safe experience. Be aware of any restrictions and ensure you are in good health before participating.

Safety Briefings:

  • Attentively heed the safety briefing from the operator. Comprehend instructions on holding the inflatable, actions in case of a fall, and grasp any hand signals for effective communication.

Hold Tightly:

  • Maintain a firm grip on the handles during the ride, especially in bumpy conditions. A stronghold is crucial to prevent any risk of falling.

Clothing and Essentials:

  • Opt for swimwear or attire resistant to water exposure. Enhance comfort and sun protection by considering a rash guard or wetsuit for your water activities.

Remove Valuables:

  • Be mindful that water and sand can harm or result in the loss of valuables like jewellery, wallets, and electronic devices. Safeguard your belongings by leaving them securely onshore.

Motion Sickness:

  • For those susceptible to motion sickness, contemplate preemptive action by taking over-the-counter medications before the ride for a more comfortable experience.

Follow Instructions:

  • Listen closely to the instructions provided by the Operator or Guide, as their expertise ensures your safety and contributes to a fantastic experience.

Weather Conditions:

  • Be aware that banana rides are often subject to weather-related cancellations or rescheduling for safety reasons. In such cases, cooperate with the team. 

Advance Booking:

  • Pre-booking ensures that you have a spot reserved for your preferred date and time. Popular activities like banana rides can fill up quickly, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Age limits:

  • The required age limit is 5+ years so anyone above 5 years of age can partake in the activity but he/she has to be fit.

Alcoholic Restrictions:

  • Engaging in the activity is strictly prohibited for participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Things to Carry

  • Sunscreen & Sunglasses
  • Water Shoes
  • Dry Bag for Personal Items
  • ID Proof
  • Extra Pair of Cloth
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

Can Non-Swimmers also do Banana Ride?

Yes, you do not need to be a swimmer to do a Banana Ride. Moreover, safety is ensured with life jackets and an instructor.

How to book for Banana Ride in Diu?

After clicking "Book Now," fill in the traveler information, including the number of people in your party, your travel date, and other data, and make the required payment. Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will be informed of the exact location of the activity as well as the pick-up time. If you have any questions, please call our toll-free number "8533812266." Have a fantastic Banana Ride experience.

How much does Banana Ride in Diu cost?

Ghogla Beach offers a Banana Ride for INR 500 and it includes 2 to 3 mins of the ride.

Can we take pictures while riding the Banana Boat Ride in Diu?

Feel free to bring your camera or video equipment on the boat. However, we recommend using waterproof or disposable cameras during the flight for practical reasons.

What are other Adventure Activities in Diu?

There are many other Adventure Activities to do in Diu like Hot Air balloon, Parasailing, Scuba Diving etc.

Are these Water Activities in Diu Safe?

Yes, Water Activities in Diu are Safe. Your safety is our utmost priority.

Do you have to be 18+ to do Adventure Activities in Daman and Diu?

No, You don't have to be 18+ to enjoy Adventure Activities in Daman and Diu.

Is it safe to do Banana Ride in Diu?

Safety while doing a Banana Ride is ensured by making use of a life jacket and safety gear with proper guidance and instructions.

What is the minimum age required for Banana Ride in Diu?

The minimum age required for doing a Banana Ride in Ghogla Beach is 5+ years.

What are timings for Banana Ride in Diu?

The time slot for Banana Ride in Diu is from 08:00 AM - 07:00 PM where the activity lasts for 10 minutes for you to rip through the waves on a banana ride.