Microlight Flying Bangalore
Microlight Flying Bangalore
Microlight Flying Bangalore
Microlight Flying Bangalore
Microlight Flying Bangalore
Microlight Flying Bangalore
Microlight Flying Bangalore

Microlight Flying Bangalore

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Bangalore, Karnataka

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What will you experience


10-20 Mins of Microlight Flight


Certified Instructor


Feel the Adrenaline Rush


Enjoy the Views of Captivating Landscape


Panoramic Sunrise View

About the Activity

Activity LocationJakkur Aerodrome, Bangalore
Activity Duration10-20 Mins
Activity Timings06:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Max. WeightUpto 90 KG
Operational DaySaturday & Sunday
Min. Age10 Yrs+

About Bangalore: 

  • Popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India owing to its rich heritage and temperate climate. It is a perfect amalgamation of ancient culture and modernity.
  • Can you picture its landscape being topped? If so, choose our rewarding deal Microlight Flying Bangalore, and make your dream of flying over expansive green terrain come true at Jakkur Aerodrome.  

About Microlight Flying Bangalore: 

  • Reach Jakkur Aerodrome, a suburb of Bangalore to give new wings to your dreams of flying in Bangalore.
  • Be enriched with a thorough Briefing session by Our Expert Pilots, fasten the safety harness, and get into the aircraft.
  • Feel the chills down your spine going Microlight flying in this charming city. As soon as the aircraft gains speed with an excellent take-off, you will be lifted to a height of up to 700 ft.
  • Enthrall by the excitement and pleasure of up to 10 to 20 mins on the aircraft and witnessing the 360 views of the captivating landscape. 
  • Be accompanied by your Pilot learn about the area and savour the precious moments that serve you a good break from the gridlock of moving vehicles on the road. 
  • You may also be fortunate enough to handle the flight if you dare. Don’t worry your safety is our responsibility.
  • After a fantastically timed session, you will be safely landed. Return with a Smile! 


  • Children below 10 years of age are not permitted to take part in the activity.
  • Booking is only open till 10 AM on Wednesday for the coming Saturday & Sunday.
  • Only one person at a time can fly.

Package Option

Microlight Flight (7 to 10 Mins)

7 to 10 Mins

3799 per person


Booked 665 times

Microlight Flight (15 to 20 Mins)

15 to 20 Mins

7499 per person

7 to 10 Mins
  • Get Co-Pilot Experience
  • Chance to Handle the Flight
  • 7 to 10 Mins Microlight Flight Joyride
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Transportation Expenses

Activity Location

Know before you book

  • People struggling with any coronary heart ailment, major blood stress troubles, angina or chest pain, or any infectious disease are highly recommended not to take up this adventure.
  • Participants should be a minimum of 10 years of age to be allowed to fly.
  • Follow the state government instructions to book the activity. Submit any one Government-approved ID.
  • A PAN Card is not accepted as an approved ID.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and other drug intoxication while performing the Activity.
  • A heavy meal is not suitable before the Microlight Flight in Bangalore.
  • Any damage to the Microlight flight is claimed as actuals from the visitors.
  • Maintain social distancing before initiating the Activity.
  • Gentle behavior is a must while performing the Activity.
  • Only one flyer is allowed at a time.

Things to Carry

  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera or Smartphone
  • Valid ID Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What is the Maximum Weight limit for Microlight flight in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, 90 kg is the maximum weight allowed for microlight flights.

What is the Minimum Age Requirement for Microlight Flight in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, 10 years of Age is the legal minimum to fly a microlight.

What is the Cost for Microlight Flight in Bangalore?

  • Microlight Flight 10 Mins = ₹3,699 Per Person
  • Microlight Flight 20 Mins = ₹7,500 Per Person


What is the Booking procedure for Microlight flight in Bangalore?

The product listed on the Universal Adventures website can be booked online directly from the booking option. After clicking "Book Now," fill in the traveller information, including the number of people in your party, your travel date, and other data, and make the required payment. Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will be informed of the exact location of the activity as well as the pick-up time. If you have any questions, please call our number "8533812266."  

What is a Microlight flight?

An aircraft with a maximum weight of 450 kg is used for microlight flight, which is a sort of flying.

Is it Safe to go on a Microlight flight in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, flying a microlight is Safe since the aircraft are well-maintained and the pilots are skilled.

Can I take Pictures and Videos during my Microlight flight in Bangalore?

Yes, you are permitted to record your microlight flight in Bangalore on camera.

How do I reach Bangalore by Rail?

By Train:

Bangaluru City Railway Station(SBC) & Yeswantpur Junction(YPR) are railway stations that best serve the people travelling by train to Bangalore. These stations can be reached easily by bus or taxi.

What is the Maximum Altitude reached during a Microlight flight in Bangalore?

A microlight flight in Bangalore typically reaches a Maximum Altitude of roughly 700 ft.

Can I choose the Route for my Microlight flight in Bangalore?

No, your microlight flight's route will be predetermined by the company before you leave for Bangalore.

How many people can a Microlight aircraft Accommodate?

A Microlight aircraft may hold only One person at a time.


Is Microlight flying Weather-dependent?

Microlight flying does depend on the weather. It is advised to research the weather before making travel arrangements.

Can I fly a Microlight aircraft Solo?

No, you cannot fly a microlight aircraft alone; you must have a trained pilot with you.

What is the Minimum Height requirement for a Microlight flight?

A microlight flight often has No Minimum height limitation.

Is microlight flying Expensive?

Compared to other adventure sports, microlight flying can be quite pricey, but you can Grab the Best Deal @Universal Adventures worth every rupee you spend for the experience of a lifetime.  


Are there any Medical restrictions for Microlight flying?

Certainly, some medical disorders, such as a history of heart disease or epilepsy, prohibit people from flying in microlights. It is advised to get in touch with the service provider first.

How long does the Session last?

The session lasts around 10-20 minutes.

What is the Time Slot for Microlight Flying Bangalore?

The Time slot for Microlight Flying is from 06:30 AM - 12:00 PM.

How To Reach location Bangalore,Karnataka?

  • By Air: The Bangalore International Airport(BLR) is located at a distance of 40 KM from the city centre. The visitors can take a taxi or bus to reach the city from the airport.
  • By Road: Bangalore is connected to the major cities of India via a great network of state and private buses. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation connects the city with nearby places.
  • By Train: Bangalore City Railway Station(SBC) & Yeswantpur Junction(YPR) are railway stations that best serve the people travelling by train to Bangalore. These stations can be reached easily by bus or taxi. 

Can I Cancel or Reschedule my Microlight flight?

You can cancel or postpone your Microlight flight, but it's a good idea to review the service provider's cancellation and rescheduling policy first for which you can refer to the link https://www.universaladventures.in/termsandcondition.

Can I fly a Microlight aircraft on my own after taking a Training Session?

No, in order to operate a microlight aircraft on your own, you must have a microlight flying license.

Why should I choose your Company for Microlight Flying in Bangalore?

You can get the best deal from Universal Adventures with discounts. Enjoy aerial views of India's third-largest city while being piloted by a Qualified Pilot. Enjoy a fun, pleasurable, and exciting 10- to 20-minute microlight flight. Don't pass up the chance to experience the joys and the fascinating views. Additionally, your safety is our top priority. Therefore, you ought to select the offered package.