Kinnaur Valley Tour From Chandigarh
Kinnaur Valley Tour From Chandigarh
Kinnaur Valley Tour From Chandigarh
Kinnaur Valley Tour From Chandigarh
Kinnaur Valley Tour From Chandigarh

Kinnaur Valley Tour From Chandigarh

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Kinnaur Valley Tour From Chandigarh

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  • Visit a location where the scenery is stunning the entire way and a once-in-a-lifetime experience is required.
  • Discover the beauty of Kalpa, which offers the best panoramic view of Kinnaur Kailash peak, and watch the summit change colors.
  • Travel to Chitkul, India's Last Village, and book a table at 'Hindustan ka Aakhri Dhaba' for lunch while the biting wind pierces your flesh.
  • Learn about the traditional blend of Buddhism and Tibetan culture by interacting with residents in Himalayan communities.
  • Fly parallel to the Chicham Bridge on the Self-Operated Ropeway and bridge your way from one cliff to the other.


Quick Info:

  • Route: Chandigarh - Shimla - Narkanda - Baga Sarahan - Sangla - Chitkul - Sangla - Kalpa - Narkanda - Shimla - Chandigarh
  • Duration: 7 Days, 6 Nights
  • Start Point: Chandigarh
  • End Point: Chandigarh

About the Activity:

  • The magnificence of Spiti can't be described in words, whether it's a writer's notion or a painter's fancy. Discover why Rudyard Kipling referred to Spiti as "a global inside a global" on our dream avenue adventure. The Spiti valley opens itself as you travel deeper into the difficult country, with its colorful monasteries, snow-capped mountains, small hamlets, glittering lakes, and the vistas that had been most useful in your Instagram feed.
  • Sit on the remoted slopes of Spiti's best village, Komic, and take in the spectacular views of eagles, hawks, and vultures soaring over the sky. Spiti is a superpower pack for an adventure trip, from getting goosebumps when hunting for a 500-year-old self-mummified Buddhist monk's body at Gue to feeling the shivers while looking down on a tiny truck from Asia's highest suspended Chicham bridge.

How to Reach:

  • By Air: Flying to Spiti is the most convenient mode of transportation. Chandigarh International Airport is the closest airport, with regular flights throughout the country.
  • By Road: The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) is another option, as it runs buses to nearby states and Union territories daily.
  • By Rail: The Chandigarh Junction Railway is also a viable option, as it is well connected to other important Indian cities as well as the Spiti Valley.


Day 1: Reach Chandigarh and Transfer to Shimla | A Beautiful Town Encapsulated with the aid of using Magical Misty Hills

  • Arrive in Shimla early in the morning and meet with a consultant who will give you a quick rundown of the expedition.
  • You'll next meet your route captain, who will be in charge of the entire voyage and can brief you on the terrain as well as write up a day-clever last plan.
  • Begin your journey by traveling the Himalayan Expressway in the direction of Shimla.
  • When you get in Shimla, check into a motel and unwind for a while.
  • At night, you're free to explore the nearby markets in quest of souvenirs.
  • Spend the night at your Shimla motel.

Day 2: Shimla to Sarahan | Witness the Unexplored Valley Curtained with Forests of Oaks and Cedar

  • Today, after breakfast, you'll head into the Kinnaur valley in the direction of Sarahan.
  • The journey will next take you through Deodar woods, beautiful valley views, snow-covered Himalayan peaks, and fast-flowing rivers.
  • When you get at Sarahan, check into the motel and have a few rests.
  • Later in the evening, discover the small village of Sarahan, which is bordered by fields and orchards and has slate-roofed cottages that compose pastoral perfection pictures.
  • Sarahan is a place where you can spend the night.

Day 3: Sarahan to Sangla | A Scenic Beauty that Rests withinside the Greater Himalayas close to Indo-Tibetan Border

  • Get up early in the morning to witness one of the most breathtaking sunrises.
  • After a delicious breakfast, you'll depart for one of Kinnaur Valley's most breathtaking views.
  • Travel down the Sutlej river until you reach Karcham when you'll turn around and head for Sangla, following the Baspa river.
  • Sangla, with its purple apple orchards and sweet cherry bushes, is flanked by rugged mountainsides and spreading forests and is home to a large number of Buddhists.
  • In Sangla, stay the night and have dinner in a motel.

Day 4: Excursion to Chitkul | The Last Inhabited Village on the Indo-Tibetan Border

  • Wake up to a beautiful morning and enjoy a delicious breakfast before setting off for an hour in the direction of Chitkul.
  • Chitkul is the last inhabited settlement before the Indo-China border, and it is here that you can visit the famed 'Hindustan ka Akhri Dhaba' for a delicious lunch.
  • Return lower back to Sangla after exploring Chitkul's grandeur.
  • Sangla is a place where you can spend the night.

Day 5: Sangla to Kalpa | Spot the Sacred Shivling Rock Atop the Kailash Mountain

  • You'll be retracing your steps down the hill in the direction of Karcham after a delicious breakfast.
  • Take a right at Karcham in the direction of Powair, which is another city on the Satluj's banks.
  • Take a left at Powari in the direction of ReoKong Peo, the Kinnaur district's main city, from where you'll proceed to Kalpa.
  • Spend the night in the beautiful Kalpa village, which looks out over the Kinnaur Kailash mountains.
  • Overnight stay at a Kalpa camp or homestay.

Day 6: Kalpa to Narkanda | The Apple Capital of India

  • After breakfast at the motel, you'll go to Narkanda, well known as Himachal Pradesh's fruit bowl.
  • You'll first travel down to Powari, from where you'll turn right onto NH 5, which runs alongside the Satluj River.
  • To get to Narkanda, you'll take a winding road that follows the Satluj River and passes through the lush Deodhar forests.
  • Narkanda is a place where you can spend the night.

Day 7: Narkanda to Chandigarh | Bid Farewell to the Mountains

  • Begin your journey lower back in the direction of Chandigarh after breakfast at the motel.
  • The roadside is lined with apple and cherry trees, while the big Deodhar fir trees emit a sweet perfume all around.
  • On the way, you'll travel via Chail, a hill village in the lower Himalayan range known for its beautiful flower orchards.
  • When you arrive in Chandigarh, your memorable trip to Kinnaur Valley comes to an end.

How to Reach:

By Air: The easiest way to travel to Spiti is by air. The nearest airport is Chandigarh International Airport which operates frequent flights across the country.  

By Road: Another option is The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) which operates buses to nearby states and Union territories daily.

By Rail: Chandigarh Junction Railway is also a feasible option as it is well-connected to other major cities in India and closer to Spiti Valley. 

Things To Carry

  • Passport and Travel Documents
  • Money and Cards
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Hygiene Items
  • Snacks and Water Bottle
  • Travel Adapter and Chargers
  • First Aid Kit
  • Maps
  • Camera or Smartphone
  • UA Voucher

Additional Info

Know Before You Go for Kinnaur Valley Tour From Chandigarh:

  • This expedition must be booked with a minimum of two people.
  • The above-mentioned show rate is for four people staying in stylish lodgings.
  • This trip is not recommended for women who are more than three months pregnant, anyone who has had major surgery, anyone who has a broken leg/arm, anyone who has chronic lower back or neck issues, and so on.
  • The climatic situations at high altitudes differ from those on the lowlands, therefore you must give yourself plenty of time to acclimate.
  • Before planning your trip, speak with a doctor. At some point during the trip, bring basic medicines and a first-aid kit with you.
  • It is recommended that you bring enough warm clothing and appropriate footwear for the excursion. The truly handy bag weighs 60 litres because you could need to transport the luggage to the backup car, the motel, and so on.
  • Rates may also differ as a result of any changes in services or accommodations. Any price difference will be borne by the customer if the package deal is changed due to an increase in the number of visitors, resort additional charges, etc., before the commencement of the trip.
  • The accommodations are tough to get by due to their scarcity. If they are no longer available, the tourists will be housed in similar trendy properties.
  • Universal Adventures retains the right to change the schedule in the event of a disruption (such as a change in the weather, a political crisis, or anything else), without altering the overall number of days or compromising any service.
  • Liability for changes in itinerary caused by factors outside our control, such as changes in flight and teaching schedules, airline/train cancellations, political disturbances, natural phenomena, blockages, and so on, shall no longer be covered by the package deal price. Any unpaid charge for a neglected service or facility will not be refunded.
  • If the tour or a certain hobby isn't performed for any reason, herbal or private, no reimbursement will be issued.
  • Pay attention to the excursion publications and teachers if you want to have a safe and enjoyable trip.
  • The package does not include all-access tickets to stupas, monasteries, sightseeing, nation and access fees, monument admissions, digital digicam costs, permits, and other fees.
  • The value of the package deal is subject to GST.
  • Any personal expenses or items of a personal nature will no longer be covered by the package agreement. Any food or transfers that are no longer mentioned in the schedule should be considered an exclusion from the bargain. Any type of beverage (alcoholic, aerated, or mineral water) is not included in the package price.
  • Avoid using plastic luggage to protect the destinations' ecological stability. Littering by travellers may result in a fine.
  • The use of a swimming pool at any lodging is strictly regulated by the authorities.
  • Following your reservation, you may be informed of the reallocation.
  • Dry snacks/food, granola bars, and other items should be brought from home. Bring a regular and any other insulated water bottle with you to refill.
  • The package does not include any international or domestic flights, visa costs, airport tax, or insurance coverage.
  • Carry enough cash because the number of ATMs in high-altitude places is limited, and there can be long lines at times.
  • All guests are required to bring a copy of their clinical certificate (if applicable).
  • At some time during the event, you may be transported in vehicles that do not have air conditioning or heaters. While travelling, always dresses appropriately for the weather.
  • If a vacationer wants to or decides to leave the experience in the middle, the vacationer is responsible for all charges from that point forward. The operator and Universal Adventures are not responsible for such choices or any refunds.
  • It is necessary to follow the guidelines established by the state government. Distancing from others must be maintained. Hand sanitization and mask use are recommended regularly.
  • Every character visitor must present identification at the time of booking and again upon arrival. PAN cards will no longer be accepted as valid proof of identity.
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