Karjat Camping With Trekking
Karjat Camping With Trekking
Karjat Camping With Trekking
Karjat Camping With Trekking
Karjat Camping With Trekking
Karjat Camping With Trekking
Karjat Camping With Trekking
Karjat Camping With Trekking

Karjat Camping With Trekking

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Karjat, Maharashtra

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1 Night 2 Days Camp


Certified Instructor


High Quality Safety Equipment


Delicious Meals


Enjoy Music with Bonfire


Exhilarating Scenic View


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About the Activity

LocationKarjat, Maharashtra
Check-In Time4:00 PM
Check-Out Time11:00 AM
MealsBreakfast, Dinner, High-Tea and a limited BBQ
ActivitiesBoating, Swimming, Live Music, Indoor and Outdoor Games

About Karjat:

  • Karjat is a scenic town nestled in the Western Ghats, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. Known for its natural beauty, lush landscapes, and outdoor recreational opportunities Karjat is a gem of a place.
  • Karjat is a hub for outdoor and adventure activities. It offers opportunities for trekking, hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, and river rafting with the hilly terrain and scenic trails attracting adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

About Karjat Camping and Trekking:

  • Head out for a remarkable Karjat tenting and discover an area nestled amidst the pristine mountain stages and scenic views.
  • Embark on a remarkable weekend getaway and revive your lower back the reference to your mind, body, and soul.
  • The Karjat tenting offers you a risk to comprehend the journey or meditation to soak inside the serenity of lush greenery.
  • Accommodation will be supplied in deluxe tents and could be allotted on a double/triple sharing foundation, in keeping with availability.
  • Breakfast and/or Lunch/Dinner (depending on the bundle selected) are protected inside the Karjat tenting. You can trek across the campsite or swim in the river nearby.
  • You also can play numerous outdoor and indoor video games like archery, cricket, and football. Kayaking is likewise to be had at an extra cost.

Package Option

Camping with Activities

1 Night 2 Days

1599 per person

Glamping Tent with Activities

1 Night 2 Days

2049 per person

1 Night 2 Days
  • Tent Stay with Bonfire & Live Music with Movie Screening
  • Evening Tea with Dinner & Breakfast
  • Activities: Boating, Swimming
  • Outdoor Games: (Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, etc)
  • Board Games: (Chess, Ludo, Uno, Zenga, Cards, etc)
  • Fort or Waterfall Trek
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses

Detailed Itinerary

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • Check the weather forecast for the duration of your camping trip. Be prepared for varying weather conditions and pack accordingly.
  • Pack appropriate clothing for the weather with comfortable and durable hiking shoes or trekking sandals, essential for any outdoor activities. Layering is a good approach to adjust to temperature changes.
  • Pack a basic first aid kit with essentials like bandages, antiseptics, pain relievers, and any personal medications.
  • Karjat's natural environment might have insects, so bring a reliable insect repellent for a comfortable experience.
  • Hiking during the day requires the application of sunscreen, and wearing sunglasses, and hats to protect yourself from the sun's rays.
  • Carry reusable water bottles to stay hydrated as trekking and hiking can be a physically exhausting experience for all.
  • Respect local regulations and guidelines, including campfire rules, waste disposal, and designated camping zones.
  • Familiarize yourself with the camping site's layout and nearby landmarks and carry a map, compass, or GPS device to navigate if you plan on exploring the surroundings.
  • Leave no trace of your presence. Pack out all your trash and waste and minimize your impact on the environment by staying on designated trails and avoiding sensitive areas.
  • Be aware that cellular coverage might be limited in some camping areas. Inform loved ones about this before you go.
  • By preparing adequately and adhering to safety guidelines, you can have a memorable and enjoyable camping experience in the stunning natural setting of Karjat.

Things to Carry

  • Clothing and Rain Gear
  • Camera to Capture Memories
  • Headlamp/Flashlight
  • ID Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

Is my safety ensured at the Karjat Camp?

Yes, the camp is extremely safe for all visitors and nature-enthusiasts from all over join other travellers in the symphony of spending time in the glory of the forest, waterfalls and greenery.

Is it necessary to book the Karjat resort in advance?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to book a tent in advance while campig near Karjat to ensure availibility and smooth, hassle-free check-in into the Karjat Tent Resort.

Can I bring my kids to the campsite?

While kids can enjoy various activities at the campsite, like indoor games, boating and more, trekking might be a physically challenging task for children under the age of 18 and depends on stamina levels, fitness etc.

What are the popular activities to do while camping in Karjat?

Popular activities include trekking to waterfalls or forts, nature walks, water sports of boating and swimming, outdoor and indoor games and more to enjoy the serene environment.

What is the cancellation policy?

To know more about cancellations and refuns, you can visit the Payments and Cancellations section of our website.

What should I pack for camping in Karjat?

Essential items to be carried during camping include clothing suitable for the weather, sturdy footwear, first aid kit, flashlight, insect repellent, sunscreen and personal items for a comfortable experience.

Do I need to bring my own food and water?

The campsite provides meals including Breakfast, Dinner and High-Tea in the package to its guests, as well as the availability of clean drinking water. You might only need to bring a water-bottle for carrying plenty of water during the trekking activity.

Is cellular coverage available at camping sites in Karjat?

Cellular coverage can be limited in some remote camping areas and it is advisable to inform friends or family about limited communication beforehand.

Are there any cultural or local etiquette I should be aware of while camping in Karjat?

Yes, Karjat is a haven meant for nature lovers and its essential to respect the local culture, environment, and regulations as well as avoid playing loud music, disturbing wildlife, or leaving trash behind.

What are the Check-in and Check-out timings of the resort?

The Check-in for visitors begans at 4:00 PM and guests can leave the resort at 12:00 PM the next day after a day full of activities, joy and fun times with their lovd ones

What is the cancellation policy?

To know more about cancellations and refuns, you can visit the Payments and Cancellations section of our website.