Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out
Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out
Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out
Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out
Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out
Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out
Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out
Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out

Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out

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Hyderabad, Telangana

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What will you experience


Perfect Day Out Spot


10+ Rides


Witness different Birds and Animals


Indoor and Outdoor Activities


Daisy Delight Cafe

About the Activity

Activity LocationBulkapur, Mokila, Shankarpally
Activity Timings10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Activity Duration6-7 Hours
Age LimitNo Limit

About Hyderabad:

  • Hyderabad is known for its cultural heritage, dynastic influences, and culture. The City is famous for places such as Charminar and Golkonda Fort which shows the city’s historical significance and architecture.
  • A few Km away from Hyderabad is a perfect day-out destination to spend some good moments with your family and friends called the Daisy Dale Farm Park. A perfect day filled with relaxation and quality time with family

About Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out:

  • Reach the Daisy Dale Farm Park by a 1-hour drive from Hyderabad and get a warm welcome from our team at the reception.
  • Upon reaching, take a moment to enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the park filled with lush greenery.
  • Start your Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out adventure by visiting the farm animals and witnessing them closely in their natural environment.
  • Learn some interesting facts about them from our Instructors and have a feeding session where you will get to feed different animals.
  • Spend some time while taking in the information related to the different animals inhabiting the farm. After that reach the indoor play area to enjoy some of the soft activities especially set up for kids.
  • Then reach the Café area of the farm to grab some quick snacks or a delicious meal all by yourself. After having lunch, reach the outdoor play area of the farm to test your physical strengths.
  • Spend some time trying some activities and then move towards the rides and amusement section of the park.
  • Enjoy with your friends and family by trying different rides and gather as many memories as you can at Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out.

Package Option

Daisy Dale Animal Attractions (Any Age Group)

1349 per person

Daisy Dale Indoor Attractions (Any Age Group)

1959 per person

Daisy Dale Outdoor Attractions (Above 10 Years)

2119 per person

Daisy Dale Teen Attractions (Above 10 Years)

2299 per person

Daisy Dale Kids Attractions (Under 10 Years)

2499 per person

Daisy Dale Magic VIP Pass Attractions (Above 10 Years)

4499 per person

  • Thrilling Indoor Play area
  • Exhilarating 15+ Activities for Kids
  • Fun-Filled Family Day
  • Fun Animal Sanctuary
  • Any Travel Expenses
  • Anything not mentioned in the Inclusions
  • Any Food Expenses


  • The Operational Timings are 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Activities: {Shetland Pony Ride (Anyone One) • Horse Ride (Any One) • Animal Interactions (Any One) • Exotic Bird Interaction (Any One) • Rhyme Garden • 7 Wonders • Dino Park • Wild Forest • Maze • Disney Castle • Bird Aviary • Animal Sanctuary}

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Know before you book

Limiting Areas:

  • Don't pack too many places to visit. Choose just a couple and spend more time enjoying them. This way, you'll feel more connected to the place and not rush around.

Scheduling and Timing:

  • If your outing includes visiting attractions with specific opening hours, double-check their schedules to plan your trip accordingly and ensure you do not miss any of them.

First Aid Kit:

  • Spontaneous help might be unavailable, at times, so carry a well-packed first aid kit to address minor injuries until professional help arrives.

Hydration and Nutrition:

  • Maintain hydration and consume healthy snacks, especially during physically demanding activities. Proper nutrition and hydration are crucial for optimal physical performance and to avoid fatigue and decreased cognitive function.

Warm-Up Exercises:

  • Include warm-up exercises to decrease muscle tension and injury risks, especially for activities that demand higher energy levels. These exercises can help you boost morale.

Sun Protection:

  • Use sun/UV ray protection, ideally a broad-spectrum sunscreen, and reapply as needed. 

Overheating Prevention:

  • Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion, especially during activities in warm or hot weather. Take necessary precautions like staying hydrated and resting in the shade to avoid any issues.

Things to Carry

  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Hat or Cap
  • Comfortable Clothing and Footwear
  • Swimsuit and Towel
  • Water Bottle and Snacks
  • Portable Charger
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

Are there any age restrictions at Daisy Dale Farm Park Day?

No, there are no such age restrictions at Daisy Dale Farm Park. The camp is open to all people of different age groups. Some rides may have an age restriction which you should confirm before the ride.

What is the cost of day out package at Daisy Dale Farm Park?

The park offers three different packages at different prices. The price range lies between the range of 2000 INR to4500 INR depending upon the type of package you choose.

What are the different amenities provided at Daisy Dale Farm Park?

There are several adventure activities and rides at the Daisy Dale Farm Park. Also, you can visit to spot the different farm animals and birds.

Is it necessary to book the Daisy Dale Farm Park package?

It is recommended to book the Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out package in advance, as they tend to get fully booked during peak season.

Are meals provided in Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out package?

No meals are provided in the day-out packages, but you can purchase food at the park cafe at your own expense. Please read the package's inclusions and exclusions carefully.

What are the different activities provided at Daisy Dale Farm Park Day Out package

There are several rides available at the park for adults as well as kids. You can try trampoline, meltdown, boat ride, shooting, archery, cricket, arcade zone, mini golf, Columbus and many more.

Is access to swimming pool available in the package?

No, the swimming pool is not available at the park nor it is included in the package.

Where is Daisy Dale Farm Park located?

The Daisy Dale Farm Park is located near Bulkapur, Shankarpally which is around 40 km from Hyderabad. You can reach there by road in 1.5 hours.

What is the total duration of the day out package at Daisy Dale Farm Park?

The Daisy Dale Farm Park day out activity is generally of 6-7 hours where you can enjoy different adventurous rides with family and friends.

What different animals and birds are there at the park?

The Daisy Dale Farm Park has a variety of farm animals such as Emu, Sheep, Donkey, Macaw, White pig, Conure, Pigeon, Turkey, Goose, Chickens, Goats and many more. You can have a feeding session with them at the park.

Is there any cafe at the Daisy Dale Farm Park?

Yes, there is Daisy Delight Cafe at the Daisy Dale Farm Park where you can enjoy delicious meals from breakfasts to lunch and irresistible treats.

What facilities are available at Daisy Dale Farm Park?

There are several facilities available at Daisy Dale Farm Park such as The Farm Animals, Animal Information Signs, The Hatchery, Indoor Soft Play Areas, Outdoor Activity Play Areas, Rides (all inclusive in the admission price) and Amusements

Animated Educational Shows, Educational Support for School Visits, Teaching & Study Areas.

What are the opening and closing time of the Daisy Dale Farm Park?

The opening and closing times of Daisy Dale Farm Park are from 10 AM to 10 PM. The park remains closed on Tuesdays.