Bumper Ride in Shimla
Bumper Ride in Shimla
Bumper Ride in Shimla
Bumper Ride in Shimla
Bumper Ride in Shimla

Bumper Ride in Shimla

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Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

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What will you experience


20 Mins of Bumper Ride


Certified Instructor


Safety Life Jackets


5 Mins Brief Session


Panoramic Sunset View

About the Activity

Activity Duration 20 Mins
Activity Location Tattapani, Shimla, HP
Activity Endurance Moderate
Minimum Capacity2 pax
Activity Timings09:00 A.M. to 06:00 P.M.
Age Limit8 Yrs above

About Shimla:

  • Shimla is India's most popular hill station and one of its most beautiful. Shimla may be visited year-round because the weather is always good, except for the monsoon. You can stroll amid oak and pine trees while taking in the views of the valleys and mountains covered with snow. 
  • Shimla's magnificent natural beauty will captivate anyone who visits, and they will want to come back repeatedly. Take in natural beauty and enjoy the Bumper ride with your loved ones to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

About Bumper Ride in Shimla:

  • Arrive at the site and have a brief session of instructions and safety with our guide and then jump in the waters to start the adventure. 
  • Enjoy this 20-minute Bumper ride on vacation. Pulled by a high-speed speedboat, this inflatable boat carries up to 2 people so you can share the fun with your loved ones.
  • Drivers wear life jackets and have professional safety measures in place to provide a safe and exciting driving experience.
  • A safety handle is installed to make your Bumper ride as safe as possible. One of the safest and most fun water sports you can do with your family while vacationing in Shimla. 
  • Let yourself be enchanted by the coastal scenery and some of the most beautiful sights. Enjoy and feel the moment of witnessing the magnificent island in the sunshine. 
  • Feel the splash and sounds while being towed by a speedboat in crystal clear waters. Don't miss this fun and exciting water sports activity. 
  • After an exciting Bumper ride, watch the sunset. Have the Best trip with your loved ones and capture the moments.    

Package Option

Bumper Ride (2 KM)

20 Mins

799 per person

20 Mins
  • 2 KM of Bumper Ride
  • Inclusive of Instructor and Safety Gears
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Travel Expenses

Activity Location

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Know before you book

  • Guidelines issued via way of means of the respective Government are to be followed. Social distancing is to be maintained. Frequent hand sanitization and the use of masks are advocated.
  • Participants aren't allowed to hold any sharp objects, lighter, bags bag, alcohol, knife, etc.
  • For protection purposes, interest isn't always advocated for ladies who are more than three months pregnant, each person that has had main surgery, or has a damaged leg/arm, has continual lower back or neck pains, etc.
  • The charge can not be held accountable for any accidents and all protection measures can be taken into due attention.
  • Carry your costumes and towels.
  • Children under 12 years will now no longer be allowed for this interest because of protection reasons.
  • Participants must be capable of swim or treading water.
  • Wear cushy garments and footwear.
  • Minimum humans are required for this Bumper Ride.    

Things to Carry

  • Extra Pair of Cloth
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Snacks and Water
  • ID Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What is a bumper ride?

A bumper ride is a thrilling water activity that involves riding on an inflatable tube attached to a motorboat. The tube is pulled at high speeds, creating a bumpy and exciting experience for the riders.

Where can I enjoy a bumper ride in Shimla?

In Shimla, bumper rides are usually available at popular tourist destinations near water bodies such as Tattapani, which is famous for its hot springs and River Rafting activities.

Is prior experience required for a bumper ride?

No, prior experience is not necessary for a bumper ride. The activity is designed to be enjoyed by people of all skill levels, including beginners.

Are there any age or weight restrictions for a bumper ride?

Age limit is 8 years above and weight limit is 60 Kg  for a bumper ride.

Is it safe to participate in a bumper ride?

Bumper rides, like any water sport, come with inherent risks. However, reputable operators prioritize safety by providing life jackets and following safety guidelines.

What should I wear for a bumper ride?

It is recommended to wear comfortable swimwear or clothes that can get wet easily. Avoid loose clothing or accessories that may come off during the ride.

How long does a typical bumper ride last?

Bumper ride typical last for 15-20 mins.

Can I take my camera or phone on the bumper ride?

While it's not recommended to carry electronic devices during the ride due to the risk of damage, some operators may offer waterproof storage or provide a professional photographer who captures your experience.

Are there any medical conditions that may restrict participation?

Individuals with heart problems, back or neck injuries, or any other serious medical conditions are generally advised not to participate in bumper rides. 

What is the cost of a bumper ride in Shimla?

 The cost of a bumper ride in Shimla is 800/-