Bumper Ride in Kihim Beach

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Kihim, Maharashtra

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About the Activity

Activity LocationKihim Beach Rd, Kihim, Maharashtra
Activity Timings09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Activity Duration10 Mins (Incl. Briefing, Waiting, Ride Duration)
Seating Capacity3 People - One Boat
Age LimitAbove 5+ Years
Distance Covered1000 Meters (Approx)

About Kihim:

  • Kihim is an unpopular beach destination located near the Alibaug which has serene landscapes and fascinating water activities. Famous for the soft golden sand, or relax and enjoy the gentle sound of the waves.
  • When visiting Kihim Beach, don't forget to try Bumper Ride which is filled with a thrilling experience. It is an exhilarating water activity where you sit on an inflatable tube tugged by a speedboat.

About Bumper Ride in Kihim Beach:

  • Start your day by departing from your location and reaching for Bumper Ride in Kihim Beach in your specific time slot.
  • Meet our team at the seashore while taking in the scenic beauty of Kihim Beach.
  • The instructor( lifeguard) will then have a brief session about the safety measures and equipment used during the ride.
  • After briefing wear your safety gear and board on the designated Bumper Ride in Kihim Beach with your family or friends
  • The bumper ride attached to a speedboat will start moving and you will feel bumps in your boat having a scary but thrilling experience.
  • As the speedboat moves fast you will feel the sensation of riding waves and twists on every turn.
  • Enjoying the scenic view of the landscape along with soaring in water will bring a rush of adrenaline to your body.
  • The operator will then move back to the shore after making you ride for the designated time and you get off the boat safely.
  • Enjoy the seashore of the beach after finishing the activity of 8 minutes of making memories with your loved ones.

Package Option

Bumper Ride

10 Mins

249 per person

10 Mins
  • Safety Gear
  • Lifeguard type Instructor
  • Up to 1000 Meters of Distance
  • Scenic Views
  • Any Transportation Facility
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Meal Expenses


  • 10 minutes of total duration including Briefing Time, Waiting Time and Ride.

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Know before you book

Health and Fitness:

  • It's important to ensure that you're in good physical condition for the Bumper Ride in Kihim Beach and don't have any medical issues that could be worsened by the jolts and bumps. 

Clothing and Footwear:

  • To ensure a comfortable ride, choose clothing that allows for freedom of movement and avoid anything too tight or restrictive. It's also important to wear closed-toe shoes with good grip, like sneakers or athletic shoes, to prevent accidents. 

Advance Booking:

  • If you want to save time and avoid long lines, consider pre-booking your Bumper Ride. This guarantees that you have a reserved spot and reduces the risk of being turned away due to ride capacity or long waits.

Safety Instructions:

  • Listen carefully to the safety instructions provided by the ride operators, as well as the rules and guidelines for safe riding.

Carry No valuable stuff:

  • Before the ride starts, be sure to secure any loose items like hats, sunglasses, or cell phones, to prevent them from flying around or getting damaged during the ride. 

Age Limits:

  • The age limit to go for bumper rides for children is 4-5 years. Children above 4-5 years can enjoy the ride.

Alcoholic Restrictions

  • Participants under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to do the activity.

Things to Carry

  • Extra Pair of Cloth
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Snacks and Water
  • ID Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

Is Bumper ride available at Kihim Beach?

Yes, a Bumper Ride is available at Kihim Beach. You can enjoy this ride along with your friends and family.

Is Bumper ride suitable for all age groups?

Yes, the Bumper Ride is suitable for some age groups. But children and old age groups are not advised to perform the activity due to safety reasons.

Is Kihim Beach suitable for adventure activities?

Yes, Kihim Beach is suitable for different adventure activities as it offers the perfect seashore and waves for the activities. Also, because of the less crowd it is a must-visit place.

Can I bring my own camera or phone at Bumper Ride?

It is advised not to bring your camera or phone during the activity as they may get damaged due to exposure to water. But If you want to bring it you can bring it at your own risk.

What is the Duration of a Bumper Ride at Kihim?

The Duration of the Bumper Ride is 8 - 10 minutes. In case you want to increase the duration of the ride you can ask the operator but you need to pay more for that.

Is it Safe to go for Bumper ride at Kihim Beach?

Yes, because of our team of professional and experienced instructors, it is completely safe to go on Bumper Rides at Kihim Beach.

What should I Wear for this adventure?

The Participants must wear a comfortable swimsuit or a wetsuit. It is recommended to bring an extra pair of clothes.

Should I need to Book a Bumper Ride at Kihim Beach in advance?

Yes, it is advisable to Book the ride in advance to have a smooth experience. As by booking early, you can get the time slot of your choice.

Where is Kihim beach located?

The Kihim Beach is located near Alibaug at a distance of 11.5 Km. You can travel by road from public transport or taxi to reach Kihim Beach.

Is Kihim Beach worth Visiting?

Yes, with its breathtaking views, serene landscapes and less crowded beaches it is a must-visit weekend getaway destination for adventure seekers.

What is the best Time to visit Kihim Beach in Alibaug?

The best Time to visit Kihim Beach in Alibaug is between November and February. These months offer warm and pleasant weather that is suitable for travelers.

Which is the nearest Railway Station from Kihim Alibaug?

The nearest Railway Station from Kihim Alibaug is Pen which is 30 Km away. You can take a taxi or public transport to reach Kihim.

What is the Cost of Bumper ride per person at Kihim Beach?

The Cost of a Bumper ride at Kihim Beach is 250 INR per person. With this pocket-friendly price, you can have a thrilling experience.

Which is the nearest Airport to Alibaug?

The nearest Airport to Alibaug is in Mumbai which is around 97 Km away. You can take a taxi or public transport to reach Alibaug.

Are there any Packages including different activities available at Kihim Beach Alibaug?

Yes, there are different packages including different adventure activities such as Banana Rides, Jet Skiing, and Parasailing which are available at Kihim Beach. You can select the package accordingly.