Bumper Ride in Alibaug
Bumper Ride in Alibaug

Bumper Ride in Alibaug

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Alibaug Beach, Raigad

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What will you experience


1 KM of Bumper Ride


Highly-experienced Instructor


Beautiful view of sunset


Splashing Thrill and Excitement


Best-in-class Safety Equipments

About the Activity

Activity LocationAlibaug Beach, Raigadh
Total Duration (Start to End)15 Mins (incl. Briefing)
Operational Timings09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Minimum Age Limit Above 5 years
Total Batch Size 4 People at a Time
Distance Covered1 KM Approx

About Alibaug Beach:

  • Alibaug Beach, which is well-known for its clear beaches, historical sites and amazing water sports activities, is a popular tourist spot near Mumbai city. Its peaceful setting, fascinating landscapes and closeness to Mumbai city grab the attention of various tourists to visit this place.
  • Bumper Ride in Alibaug Beach is an exhilarating water sports activity where you have to just sit on an inflatable tube tugged by a speedboat. These rides are quite perfect for your friends and family members providing them with a fun and splashy adventure.

About Bumper Ride in Alibaug:

  • Reach the given location first and then meet our UA Guide who will take you to the activity area where the main activity will take place near the beach side.
  • Before the start of the activity, each participant must attend a small briefing session about the activity. The operator will briefly explain all the essential instructions and safety measures for the Bumper Ride Activity.
  • Once the briefing session is done, you'll be equipped with all the required safety gear, like life jackets and helmets, by the operators. Also, make sure the safety gear fits perfectly to you before proceeding with the main activity.
  • Now, move on to the designated area for the Bumper Ride Activity. Then, start boarding to the bumper tube with the help of the operators who will guide you during the whole activity.
  • The Bumper Tube is tugged with a speedboat. Once everyone gets settled on the Bumper Tube, the speedboat driver will start the engine and then the Bumper Ride Activity will start.
  • As the boat moves around the water's surface, the tube will also start moving along with the speedboat, splashing and bouncing over the sea waves. Hold on closely and enjoy the exhilarating bumper ride experience on the waves of the Arabian Sea.
  • After the ride is finished, you will be redirected back to the point where you've started the activity on the beach side. Return all the safety equipment to the operators and you can also share your feedback and experience about the bumper ride activity with the operators.

Package Option

Bumper Ride

10 Mins

299 per person

10 Mins
  • Highly-experienced Instructor
  • Safety gears like life-jackets, etc.
  • Thrilling and Exhilarating Ride
  • Mesmerizing view of Arabian Sea
  • 1 KM of Bumper Ride
  • No Travel Expenses
  • No Food Expenses
  • Anything not mentioned on Inclusions


  • Total Duration of the Activity - 10 mins (Including Briefing and Waiting time)

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Know before you book

Health and Fitness:

  • It's important to ensure that you're in good physical condition and don't have any serious medical issues that could be worsened by the jolts and bumps during the activity.

Clothing and Footwear:

  • To ensure a comfortable ride, wear only comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes with a strong grip, that provide comfort and convenience while doing the activity.

Advance Booking:

  • If you want to save valuable time and avoid long lines for the activity, then you should book your slot for the activity in advance so that you will get your slot for the activity during peak seasons or weekends.

Proper Safety Gears and Equipment:

  • You should pay attention to the briefing session and closely follow all safety instructions and guidelines given by the instructor before you start the activity.

Following the Rules:

  • Listen carefully and follow all the instructions of the instructor, and do not perform any unaccepted manoeuvres during the Bumper Tube ride that could be dangerous for you.

Age Limits:

  • The minimum age limit for the Bumper Tube Activity is above 5 years. People above this age limit can easily try the activity under the guidance of the operator.

Duration of the Bumper Ride:

  • You should have the complete info about the duration of the Bumper Ride Activity. This includes the briefing time, waiting time, and the time taken to complete the activity.

Weather Awareness:

  • You should be aware of the weather conditions of the location before booking the activity, as adverse weather conditions may reschedule or cancel the Bumper Ride Activity in Alibaug Beach.

Things to Carry

  • Extra Pair of Cloth
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Snacks and Water
  • ID Proof
  • UA Voucher

Frequently Asked Quetions

What should I wear while doing the Bumper Ride activity?

You should wear comfortable clothes with closed-toe shoes to get comfort and convenience while doing the activity.

Can I book a bumper ride in advance?

It is not always necessary to book a bumper ride activity in advance, but during the peak season, you should book your slot in advance for better convenience.

Who can go on a Bumper Ride?

Bumper Ride Activity is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. However, if you are suffering from serious medical conditions, then you should consult your doctor before participating in such type of adventure activity.

What is a Bumper Ride Activity?

A Bumper Ride activity is a thrilling water sports activity where the participant sits in a big inflated tube tugged with a speedboat. The speedboat then pulls the tube across the water surface, creating a thrill and exciting ride.

Is it safe to go on a Bumper Ride?

Yes, Bumper Rides are normally safe and during the ride, the operators provide a life jacket and other safety gears to ensure your safety while doing the activity.

What time of year is best for Bumper Ride Activity?

Bumper Rides are available throughout the year, but the best time for the Bumper Ride Activity is during the summer months (April to June) when the weather is sunny and warm.

What happens if I fall off from the Bumper Ride?

If you suddenly fall off from the Bumper Ride, the boat operator will immediately stop the boat and the operator will help you get back on the Bumper Tube. You should stay calm and follow all the instructions given by the operator.

How long does the Bumper Ride Activity last?

The overall duration of the Bumper Ride Activity generally ranges from 5 to 10 minutes, providing a breathtaking and thrilling experience

Can non-swimmers participate in the Bumper Ride Activity?

Yes, non-swimmers can also participate in the Bumper Ride Activity as operators will provide life jackets and other safety gears for security purposes.

Do I need a prior experience to enjoy a Bumper Ride?

No, Bumper Ride activity doesn't need any type of prior experience. The activity operators will offer all the required instructions and details on how to sit on the tube and hold the handle securely while doing the activity.

Can I do a Bumper Ride Alone in Alibaug Beach?

It's normally impossible to perform a Bumper Ride alone as the Bumper Tubes are specifically designed for multiple participants.

What are the Operational Timings for the Bumper Ride activity in Alibaug Beach?

The timings for bumper ride activity can vary depending on the operator, but generally the Operational Timings for the Bumper Ride activity in Alibaug Beach are 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

What you can expect during the adventure activity?

Be prepared for the splashes, bumps and bounces as the ride can be thrilling, fun and enjoyable with an amazing experience.